hey! just wanted to share some lyrics i love from a couple different songs. i hope these help you as well!

1. gnash - leave a message
I know one day you'll smile with all the happy you need
I hope one day you'll smile with all that happy at me
One day you'll see everything in you that I see
And I hope one day you'll be as happy as you pretend to be

2. seth bishop - shawn mendes
I've been looking for love, all I'm finding is pain.
Trying to rise above your name.

3. gnash ft. DENM - belong
Don't you know that you could be the light in somebody else's life
All you gotta do is smile and say hi more than goodbye

4. shawn mendes - never be alone
When you fall asleep tonight
Just remember that we lay under the same stars

5. gnash ft. ben abraham - dear insecurity
Drink some water, take a breath
Take a moment to be thankful for the reasons that you're blessed
It's not about mistakes you made or failures that you had
It's all about the memories & little things you have
Your freckles and flaws to your body and bruises
Your scars to your beautiful birth marks, the truth is
We're one in the same
So play the cards that your dealt
Nobody likes you more than when you're being yourself