basic info

stage name: stella yu (스텔라 유)
real name: yu chae-bin (유 채빈)
nickname: chae
birth date: 17th september 1997
birthplace: london, england
nationality: british
ethnicity: afro-korean
zodiac sign: virgo
company: jyp entertainment
jobs: singer-songwriter, rapper, dancer and producer
trainee period: 4 years

fandom name: vega


asian, eyes, and lips image aesthetic, black hair, and brunette image earrings, style, and eartattoo image tattoo, body, and girl image

height: 175cm
weight: 56kg
eye colour: dark brown
hair colour: naturally dark brown, but dyes it a lot.
other: she has four tattoos - the yves saint laurent symbol on her right foot, the vogue definition on her torso, a pair of female symbols on her left wrist and a middle finger underneath her left buttcheek.

personality & facts

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positive traits: honest, playful, hardworking, confident, intelligent, persistent, extroverted, spunky
negative traits: brash, insensitive, vulgar, apathetic, stubborn, reckless, impulsive, confrontational
motto: “we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” - martin luther king
facts: she was born in hackney but moved to busan when she was 16. has a younger sister and an older brother, but unfortunately, he passed away. she is close with many kpop groups including bts and stray kids. despite being a tomboy, stella's favourite colour is pink. she is autistic, with adhd, major depression and borderline personality disorder. an out lesbian. identifies as a spacegender nonbinary demigirl. uses she/her, they/them/ day/days and ⭐/⭐s pronouns. friends with the sidemen and many minecraft youtubers. she's in the dream smp and the origins smp. her speaking voice sounds like izzy bizu, her singing voice is often compared to jorja smith, and her rapping style is similar to lisa of blackpink. she also wears glasses or contact lenses.

interests, skills and habits

skills: can speak at least eleven languages, with english being her third. can play many instruments such as the piano, bass guitar and the midi fighter. is good at pole dancing. flexible.
interests: watching tv shows, playing minecraft, baking, writing music
habits: scrunching up her nose even when she's not wearing glasses. when nervous, she cracks her knuckles or plays with her hands. she stims by slamming her hands on a surface repeatedly and making a siren sound.

social media

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@stellaryou likes posting somewhat aesthetically pleasing photos. she usually posts her with her friends or just her surroundings

closest idol friends

asian, felix, and korean image Chan, stray kids, and bang chan image red velvet, yeri, and kim yerim image twice, sana, and preview image
from left to right: felix, chan, yeri, sana


kpop, naked bibi, and bibi image bibi, korean, and naked bibi image

in august, stella revealed that she was dating soloist kim hyungseo, commonly known as bibi. they had been dating since june 2018.


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airport outfits
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interviews/variety shows
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award shows


debut mini-album: stellar you
genre: r&b

intro: vega

flowers, art, and space image Image removed
release date: 13th september 2017

bellatrix [title track]: (sounds like pristin v's get it)
- about female empowerment
- "i'm not scared, not this time. they can't take me down anymore."

corona: (sounds like billie eilish's you should see me in a crown)
- about how she's not the average kpop star
- "take a walk inside my mind; there's more than meets the eye."

dark matter/black hole: (sounds like hayley kiyoko - cliff's edge)
- about falling into a funk
- "no matter how hard i try, i can't seem to get out of this black hole."

rocket: (sounds like stray kids' 0325)
- about persevering and not giving up
- "come on come on, pick yourself back up; let's fly like a rocket!"

우주 (cosmos): (sounds like bibi's nabi)
- about being alone with your thoughts
- "it's just me, myself and the stars. i'm alone, but not really."

bellatrix mv aesthetic:

Temporarily removed revolution, grunge, and the 1975 image yellow and aesthetic image red, Devil, and aesthetic image beauty, aesthetic, and pale image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, empowerment, and female image

second mini-album: teen spirit
genre: pop

intro: go team!

aesthetic, cheerleader, and riverdale image aesthetic, book, and cheer image
release date: 28th december 2017

ready? ok! [title track]: (sounds like somi's birthday)
- about having a good time with friends
- "i know it sounds corny but they're like my family. if you mess with them, you mess with me."

prom: (sounds like calvin harris' cash out)
- about asking someone to prom
- "you don't even have to wear a corsage, but can i have this dance?"

class president: (sounds like joyner lucas's isis)
- about the negative side of school
- "welcome to hell, where no-one gives a sh*t about you. don't trust anyone 'cause everyone is out to get you."

mean girls: (sounds like lil pump's i love it)
- about the 'mean popular girl' stereotype
- "fake smiles, fake laughs. fake friends, fake lives, fake girls. they're all mean girls."

love story: (sounds like umi's butterfly)
- about the one that got away
- "i should've known you would break my heart, but i loved you anyway."

ready? ok! mv aesthetic

style image vintage, 90s, and aesthetic image Image by yaya aesthetic, alternative, and best friends image girl, friends, and friendship image aesthetic, alternative, and goals image grunge, friends, and tumblr image shadow, friends, and aesthetic image

third mini-album: letters to lucy
genre: indie

intro: letters to lucy

aesthetic, Basketball, and grunge image Temporarily removed
release date: 1st february 2018

dear chaebin [title track]: (sounds like blackpink's stay)
- about talking to her past self
- "dear chaebin, you got this. it may seem tough now but you'll get through it."

dear chaerin: (sounds like melanie martinez's mrs potato head)
- about talking to her younger sister
- "you never have to go through stuff alone. i got you, sis."

dear changseok: (sounds like daniel caesar's we find love)
- about her memories with her brother
- "so many things i wish i could tell you, but i guess it's too late now."

dear mum/dear dad (sounds like macklemore's these days)
- about thanking her parents
- "dear mum, thanks for sticking by me through the tough times/dear dad, thanks for believing in me and not giving up."

dear chaebin aesthetic:

aesthetic, alternative, and bricks image aesthetic, flowers, and vintage image quotes, grunge, and happy image quotes, aesthetic, and lipstick image aesthetic, nature, and outfit image Image by 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒆 aesthetic, pink, and soft image aesthetic, theme, and blue image


third mini-album: shbup
genre: bounce

intro: shbup

wallpaper, Collage, and aesthetic image wallpapers image
release date: 4th july 2018

back 2 you: [title track] (sounds like jean deaux's back 2 you)
- about a girl that plays hard to get
- "all you ever do is say i'll get back to u; you to busy gettin it on, wondering should i move on"

doll: sounds like ʎoquɹoɥədɐɔ's 외로움)
- about how society expects her to be perfect
- "but don't you see? i'm not allowed to make mistakes; it's not on the algorithm."

baby boy: (sounds like monte booker's baby boy)
- about how men are trash
-"baby boy, wants to be in the spotlight all the time. when will you realise i couldn't care less?"

문 (door): (sounds like 1team's vibe)
- about people getting on her nerves
-"there's the door; feel free to leave anytime cuz i don't want you here"

epsom salt: (sounds like kyle's shiptrip)
- about taking time for herself
-"i think i'm gonna take a dip, take a dip, in these epsom salts. i deserve a break and i deserve a drink"

back 2 you aesthetic

colors, aesthetic, and colorful image korean fashion, shoes, and kfashion image pink, aesthetic, and tumblr image Image by Valeria Barbé aesthetic, beautiful, and colorful image aesthetic, colorful, and colors image pastel, pink, and blue image peach, phone, and pink image


fourth album: to be continued
genre: a little bit of everything

intro: 8

Temporarily removed tv, grunge, and dark image
release date: 22nd november 2018

duck duck goose [title track]: (sounds like billie eilish's COPYCAT)
- creepy and unsettling; like the soundtrack to a horror movie
-"who knows what's next? i could spill my guts or snap my neck"

808: (sounds like björk's i remember you)
- about a breakup
-"i'm taking the next flight home, but if you loved me you would tell me to stay"

ok!: (sounds like hayley kiyoko's cliff's edge lash remix)
- about not caring what others think
-"was that supposed to be an insult? you think you're offending me but i swear you're not"

bridges: (sounds like mura masa's love for that)
- about building trust in a relationship
-"talk to me, talk to me; i'm sick of this tranquillity."

to be continued: (sounds like rihanna's needed me)
- about her taking a brief hiatus
-"yo guys, i just wanna say thanks for being there for me. this isn't the end, i'm just hitting pause so see ya on the flipside"

duck duck goose aesthetic:

black and white, ghost, and dress image aesthetic, pale, and creepy image creepy, glow, and photography image aesthetic, chains, and eboy image gif image alternative, grunge, and aesthetic image black, matching, and pictures image aesthetic, blue, and grunge image


single: dreamz
genre: retro

Temporarily removed
release date: 4th january 2019

- about a relationship on thin ice
-"and I might have to fall asleep, that's all I got. don't like to be awake 'cause you're not here; only in my dreams"

dreamz aesthetic

lips, aesthetic, and makeup image aesthetic, 90s, and vintage image aesthetic, vintage, and retro image purple, neon, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed babe, baby pink, and disco ball image aesthetic, mtv, and pink image aesthetic, pink, and eyes image


single: 307 freestyle (prod. monte booker)
genre: chillbounce

aesthetic, white, and drawing image
release date: 29th april 2019

- just a lil freestyle
-"chillin with my homies; love to my homies all around the world"

307 freestyle aesthetic

aesthetic, home, and interior image alternative, cream, and pale image aesthetic, basic, and france image book, korean, and soft image aesthetic, white, and cat image aesthetic, white, and soft image white, aesthetic, and glasses image minimalism image


fifth mini-album: the adventures of daisy doolittle and other short stories
genre: electro-swing, jazz

title track: daisy doolittle

red, violent, and beautiful image serial killer, love, and naughty image
release date: 9th may 2019

disconnected: (sounds like screamin' jay's i put a spell on you)
- about two people who were in love at the wrong time
-"it wasn't their fault; they just didn't have a happy ending"

girl's best friend: (sounds like v's singularity)
- about how jewellery is important to her
-"let's be honest, what else does a girl need?"

posin': (sounds like peggy suave's posin)
- an upbeat track
-"here's a dance you ought to do/ let me introduce to you/ posin' everybody pose"

lay with me: (sounds like clairo's pretty girl)
- about a girl she's fallen in love with
-"there's no me without you, you're the reason for my existence"

daisy doolittle aesthetic:

gun and aesthetic image body, cameron diaz, and daddy image aesthetics, city, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Abusive image Temporarily removed dangerous, dress, and independent image


sixth album: SANTIAGO
genre: hip-hop, trap

title track: VERTIGO!

fish, water, and grunge image orange image
release date: 4th august 2019

24/7: (sounds like kodak black's zeze)
- about her having a puppy-dog crush
-"i think about you all the time, monday thru friday wishin you were mine"

in my bed: (sounds like bryson tiller's don't)
- about enemies with benefits
-"if you hate me so much, why do you always scream my name in bed?"

destination: (sounds like jeebanoff's belief)
- a song about trust
-"i hope you don't worry and worry, when today goes and the sun rises tomorrow morning i hope you close your eyes comfortably"

body dance sing music: (sounds like todrick hall's nails hair hips heels)
- about embracing the music and dancing like nobody's watching
-"body body body body dance dance dance dance sing sing sing sing music music music music"

y.o.y: (sounds like west1ne's unforgettable)
- about someone leaving her
-"why oh why did you leave me? now you're gonna have to suffer the consequences?"

bath bomb: (sounds like gray's tmi)
- about how the world is too sensitive
-"it's dangerous out there; i just wanna stay inside with my bath bomb"

TYPTO feat. BIBI: (sounds like bts's cypher 4)
-about roasting her haters
-"you better tiptoe around me 'cause i won't play nice, i'll rip into you like a f*cking wolf"

yikes!: (sounds like duendita's yikes!)
-about dating a girl who likes to play games and the aftermath of heartbreak
-"you know my heart breaks when you're not around, but you give me nightmares instead of dreams."

VERTIGO! aesthetic:

stars, light, and blue image Image removed fish, neon, and colors image aesthetic, blue, and purple image art, edgy, and theme image aesthetic, pink, and purple image fish, green, and neon image Temporarily removed


seventh album: The Bell Jar
genre: rnb, indie
title track: chapter 1: rebirth (sounds like irene and seulgi's diamond)

b&w, plants, and retro image water, couple, and boy image
release date: 25th january 2020

chapter 2: cynic: (sounds like lorde's the love club)
- her being pessimistic and negative
-"it's kind of funny to be honest, the fact that i've fallen and can't go further"

chapter 3: icantbreatheicantbreathe: (sounds like au/ra's ghost)
- feeling trapped and suffocating; if a panic attack was a song
-"trapped in a nightmare and i can't wake up, please save me"

chapter 4: read all about it: (sounds like avi kaplan's change on the rise)
- about people putting her on too much of a pedestal
-"look here, read all about it! this girl is so weird"

chapter 5: i am: (sounds like haim's want you back)
- about her finally accepting herself, flaws and all
-"this time, i can finally stand up and shout to the world who i truly am"

chapter 6: mirror: (sounds like baynk's come home cabu remix)
- about her different personalities
-"i'm like a broken mirror, so many different sides"

chapter 7: blood: (sounds like stephen's crossfire)
-her going on a killing rampage
-"can't get this blood, can't get this blood off my hands"

chapter 8: sylvia plath: (sounds like nct's make your day)
-a poem dedicated to the author of 'the bell jar'
-"it isn't fair how you're gone with the wind, creating masterpieces out of inanimate things."

rebirth aesthetic:

aesthetic, black & white, and black and white image art, sculpture, and statue image aesthetic, blackandwhite, and girl image architectural, architecture, and art image blackandwhite, cities, and france image art, drawing, and grunge image b&w, body, and cold image alone, b & w, and black image


eighth album: LA REINA
genre: edm
title track: LA REINA (sounds like r.tee x anda's what you waiting for)

art, print, and shine image background, iphone, and wallpaper image
release date: 8th march 2020

THINK ABOUT IT: (sounds like oliver heldens' last all night)
- a boppy song
- "when it all comes down to you, you need to think about it"

FAILING/FREETIME: (failing sounds like loona's oh [yes i am], freetime sounds like stray kids' m.i.a.)
- a double feature; failing is about accepting failure and freetime is about having alone time
- "trying and failing is better than bailing/i just wanna have some freetime, some me time"

- about her being screwed over
- "that's the eighth time now, why do i keep expecting something different?"

- a kinda trippy song
- "we should come over and spend-spend some time with each other"

잠금 해제:
- about her rediscovering herself
- "i didn't even know i could do that"

- an audio clip of her sister saying that
- "you need to stop escalating the situation, like, you're gonna make it worse"

- a cute song about travelling
- "where is it you wanna go? i can take you anywhere you like"


- about hating yourself but loving someone else
- "looking in the mirror and hating what i see, but i look over my shoulder and see you next to me"

- a dance tune, a fan favourite
- "who can stop us from going to the next level? flying wingless, we're ready for takeoff"

- about finding out her partner cheated on her, also a fan favourite
- "you're nothing but a selfish twat, you never valued our relationship at all"

- asking her girlfriend if she'd still be with her
- "if i was a little bit taller, a little bit smarter, a little bit more aware of your heart or anything else, would you love me the same?"

- her reminiscing on when she was younger, also the fourteenth song in the album
- "i wish i could go back to the late nights, knee scrapes and cheap junk food"

마음의 동기화:
- a love song
- "you and i, we're soulmates. we know each other so well"

- a reassuring song
-"we all go through troubles sometimes, what matters is pulling through"

LA REINA aesthetic:

britain, london, and london eye image neon and colors image 東京都, 東京タワー, and イルミネーション image aesthetic, neon, and city image Temporarily removed aesthetic, black, and blue image 3d, iphone 6, and iphone 6 wallpaper image wallpaper, crystal, and background image


ninth album: but i'm lactose intolerant
genre: indie
title track: quaranteen

fashion, style, and aesthetic image aesthetic, archive, and theme image
release date: 12th may 2020

legroom: (sounds like seokjin's moon)
- about mansplaining
- "you treat me like a child, but you're the immature one"

goldfish: (sounds like dean's instagram)
- the most popular b-side in the album; it sounds chill and relaxing but the lyrics are about an abusive relationship
- "you treat me like dirt, but you know i will always come back to you"

can't handle:
- about her being blunt and honest
- "i'm not gonna sugarcoat myself for you; this is who i am and i won't apologise"

animal crossing ft. shawn wasabi:
- pretty self-explanatory
- "golden afternoon, peaches by the pool; summer's gone too soon, for now, we just crossing, animal crossing"

i remember you: (sounds like bts's the truth untold)
- about the one that got away
- "you're the one that made my dreams come true, a few kisses ago"

플라스틱: (sounds like mabinc's C2H5OH)
- a sad song about using drugs to numb the pain
- "i know i'm ruining my life, but i can't do anything about it"

quaranteen aesthetic:

fruit and grapefruit image travel, sunset, and aesthetic image theme, green, and dark image bikini, girl, and orange image fruit, food, and melon image Image by frida hedström Temporarily removed chocolate, food, and caramel image


tenth album: D0N'T T0UCH TH3 M0N1T0R!!
genre: techno-rap
title track: TEETH

art image aesthetic, computer, and grunge image
release date: 11th february 2021

- the least upbeat song in the album; about not wanting to rush a relationship
- "no need to rush, i'm here for the long run"

3.14: (sounds like 100 gecs' money machine)
- the lyrics are filled with puns about numbers, binary code and mathematical equations
- "do you 1 2 eat? baby, i could go for some π"

NEVER MET!: (sounds like cmten's never met)
- about a break-up that turned sour
- "can you believe that i didn't think you would leave me? and now i can't trust anyone 'cause you just left me"

- about unrealistic beauty standards
- "clip a little off the waist, add some makeup to the face, no one will think you're out of place"

- a techno cover of 'i bet' by ciara
- "i bet you start loving me, soon as i start loving someone else, somebody better than you"

- a club song about partying and living your best life
- "everything is going my way, so all i can say is eat your heart out"

TEETH aesthetic:

Image by 𝔡𝔵𝔯𝔨𝔰𝔵𝔲𝔩𝔵𝔵 Temporarily removed pink, angel, and archive image blue, cyber, and pink image Temporarily removed Image removed pink heart image Image by gigi lover


eleventh album: running with thieves
genre: electropop-rock
title track: hallucinations

archive and b&w image archive, pics, and theme image
release date: 2nd june 2021

nightmare: (sounds like pvris's nightmare)
- about a relationship that ended badly, she is her lover's "nightmare"
- "call me up someday when you're not high off your face, and i'll be your baby, but now i'm your nightmare"

rockstar everyday: (sounds like halflives's rockstar everyday)
- the point of view of someone wishing to have a better life as a successful rockstar
- "i wish i was a rockstar living in l.a., driving in a fast car far away"

he's not me:
- about the singer believing they're the best thing their ex has ever had and will ever have
- "you say he's just a friend but i, i've seen him kiss your neck. you know you can't lie to me, you cry for me, yeah you'd die for me"

swim: (sounds like fickle friends's swim)
- about having a friend who's always pessimistic
- "ooh ooh, ooh, you are not alone, ooh ooh, for the last time i am sure"

eat them apples: (sounds like suzi wu's eat them apples)
- this song was used in an apple advert, very upbeat and danceable and about being rebellious
- "oh, i'm not your daughter, oh, not quite what you ordered, oh, crossin' all your borders, freein' lambs from all the slaughter"

rude love:
- feeling lonely and chastising their ex who dropped them cold
- "you don't show me no love anymore, i've had enough dancing on my own"

my hair is green: (sounds like youra's my hair is green
- a chill, low-key track almost entirely in korean; in fact the only song to be mostly in korean
-"i got a blue, don't wanna hesitate: i'm drifting in and out, out. give me a sign, blue yonder: 난 정신없이 이리저리 왔다갔다 해"

hallucinations aesthetic:

gold, black, and pvris image hands image bones, hybrid, and science image wallpaper and water image archive, aesthetic, and black image snake, skeleton, and dark image art, aesthetic, and dark image image, rings, and snake image