Hi everybody!

For a long time I wanted to write some articles in English, but my level wasn't good enough and I've waited to improve it. I'm not fluent in it, so I'll make a lot of mistakes. But anyway, I think that writing it's a great way to improve it. So let's start!

Today I want to talk about languages, because I started to learn them quite late and now I'm falling in love with them!

I live in a country where they aren't taught well. Many people (including myself) can't read/write/speak/listen anything in English when they finish compulsory education at the age of 15/16 y/o. It's literally like you've been all your fucking life studying it and then you aren't able to read/speak it.

I remember in my last compulsory year having great marks in all the subjects (even in maths! - and I have to say that I'm very bad at them), but not in English, which the two first semesters I failed. During the third semester I put all my effort to improve English, and hopefully, I passed! Since then I'm still studying it.

While my English was improving, I took some French classes, but I drop out quickly because I prefer to focus on one language at the time and when I'm fluent with it, I'll learn the second.

So that's all for today, and thank you for reading!