Idk if it is a good idea, but today, I'm going to rate "fashion pics", that I find on WHI. I work as a shop assistant at a clothing store, so I like to think I've got some knowledge about it (even though I probably don't) But furthermore, I just really love fashion, so I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.

1. Look

Image by Fashion and beauty

Sooo, I love the polka dots and the bow on the shirt, it looks kinda formal but cute at the same time. It's also pretty cool how her lipstick matches the flowers on her purse. The pants are a great choice, in combination with the blouse they give her a nice hourglass-figure.
What I personally don't like is the hat, in my opinion it doesn't really fit the vibe of this outfit. Sadly we cant see the shoes, I think white or red heels would be the perfect choice.

In total, I give this look a 9/10.

2. Look

Image by MG

I am unsure about this one. There are a few things that I like, but also some that I dislike. The colour of the coat is beautiful, it matches the dress. Furthermore a lighter colour would've probably made her look a little pale. I also like, that her bag & hair match the brown in the dress. Boots & the belt work good with the vibe of this outfit, BUT it is kinda confusing, that they are a different shade of brown than the bag. Last and also least, lets talk about the sunglasses and the hat. On their own they are hella cute. But the rest of the outfit has more of an elegant vibe and in my opinion these two pieces don't work with it.

Overall this outfit gets a 6/10. (But only because I really like the coat.)

3. Look

green, outfits, and aesthetic image

First of all, the green/white theme of this look is really pretty. I love how she coordinated her accessoires, like the belt and the necklace are made out of the same kind of chains. The orange make-up is a nice complementary contrast to the green colour of the jacket or the pants. I would've liked if the orange turned up somewhere else in the outfit, the shoes for example.

This one also gets a 9/10.

Okay, thats it for now. Please give the article a heart, if you liked it and want me to write a part two. I enjoyed this a lot, I hope you did, too.
Fell free to send me fashion pics you want me to review.

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