this is what my life would be like if i was famous

Image by Gloriously food image
breakfast would be something like this ..
home, house, and design image courtyard, dream house, and garden image
in this type of house ..
car, luxury, and Lamborghini image car, vintage, and aesthetic image
with a lot of cars outside displayed ..
dress, luxury, and hair image enjoy, relax, and holiday image
but of cource i would never actually be home ..
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i'd be traveling w my baby ..
lovers, bed time, and romances image fresh, girl, and like image
waking up like this ..
couple image photography image
doing shit like this ..
luxury, Valentino, and rp image chanel, aesthetic, and beige image
shopping would be something like this ..
money, rich, and luxury image money, watch, and iphone image
rich as fucc ..
dress, red, and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
looking like this ..
food, picnic, and aesthetic image food, salad, and helthy food image
lunch and dinner ..
body, girl, and shower image girl and body image
selfcare ..
bed, bedroom, and indie image bedroom, bed, and nature image
finally time to get some sleep .
  • this is for entertainment purposes only, i am not making fun of anyone w this type of lifestyle or simliar lifestyle