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Time for another playlist It's U's turn. It is quite a short playlist. Enjoy!

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Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey


Jim raised me up, he hurt me but it felt like true love
Jim taught me that loving him was never enough
lana del rey image
This song is about a cult leader she met as a member of underground group in New York.

Unchain My Heart - Joe Cocker


I'm under your spell, like a man in a trance, baby
Oh but you know damn well, that I don't stand a chance
woodstock image
He was always the best in making good covers, sometimes even better than the original.

Under Pressure - Queen, David Bowie


It's the terror of knowing what this world is about
Watching some good friends screaming, "Let me out!"
Queen image
A duet about how the pressure on our lives makes us nearly crumble.

The Unkown Soldier - The Doors


Breakfast where the news is read
Television, children fed
Unborn living, living dead
Bullet strikes the helmet's head
Jim Morrison, the doors, and 60s image
The song refers to a tomb where unidentified bodies from wars are buried.

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield


Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten, yeah
natasha bedingfield image
This will always be one of my favourites.

Up To Something - Naaz


Don't want to hurt them, but this is who I am
Chasing ambitions, making my own mistakes
dutch, hipster, and indie image
This girl is so sweet!! I wish her all the luck in the world!!

Upside Down - Diana Ross


Respectfully, I say to thee
I'm aware that you're cheating
When no one makes me feel like you do
beauty, fashion, and girl image
The QUEEN!! Love this song so much!

Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson


I’m too hot
Call the police and the fireman
I’m too hot
Make a dragon wanna retire, man
Image by Dangerous
The lyrics are actually very cringey. But who cares? It is a great song.

Uptown Girl - Billy Joel


She's getting tired of her high class toys
And all her presents from her uptown boys
She's got a choice
its lyrics find a “downtown boy” (lower class) waxing poetic – in his own way – for a girl from a classier upbringing.

Us And Them - Pink Floyd


And in the end it's only round and round, and round
"Haven't you heard it's a battle of words?"
Pink Floyd image
This song is about the senselessness of war.

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