hey :) So these are the songs that I've currently been playing on repeat, some of them because they have only recently been released

artist - song/s

Chase Atlantic - Angels; I Never Existed

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Actually, I love all of the songs from their new album "phases". Some other Chase Atlantic songs I'm currently obsessed with are: her, heaven and back, and swim. I'd really recommend you to check them out if you've never heard anything of them, they're one of my fav bands in general.

Brockhampton - No Halo; Big Boy

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I can't describe how much I fell in love with their music. Brockhampton is a group of rappers and they have a lot of very different sounding songs, so there should be something for everyone,e.g. sweet, bleach, trip

XXXTentacion - I don't wanna do this anymore; You're thinking too much, stop it

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I don't think, that I have to explain who x is, because his music is still so important to many people, like myself. Some of my other favourite songs include: depression & obsession, revenge, hearteater, etc...

Lil Peep - Problems; U Said; When I lie

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If you've already had a look on my profile and my other articles, you might know that I'm a huge lil peep fan. All of his songs are beautiful in my opinion, these are the ones I'm currently playing a lot.

The Weeknd - Lonely Star; Wicked Games

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I don't really listen to a lot of his new music, but I love Kiss Land and Trilogy, and I'll probably never get tired of his older songs, such as: The Birds pt. 2, Same old song, Belong to the world

Well, those are my favorite songs at the moment, I hope you discovered something new through this article or found a few songs that you also like and want to listen to again