Hi babes! Today I have decided to take a few 'Which Character Are you?' Quizzes on Buzzfeed. I got this idea from @whatsinlousheart so go check them out and I hope you enjoy! ♥

Avengers Endgame

Captain America
Copyrighted image captain america and chris evans image
You're focused on the greater good. You have a strong idea of what's right and what's wrong, and you will fight for your morals endlessly. Though, this may get you into trouble sometimes when you make decisions with your heart instead of your head.

Stranger Things

stranger things, eleven, and millie bobby brown image cutie, eleven, and season 3 image
You're a strong person with a powerful presence. People are drawn to you wherever you go. It can take you a while to warm up to people and trust them, but when you find people you care about you'll stop at nothing to protect them. You have a strong moral code and know how to find joy in the little things.

Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars image pretty little liars, pll, and lucy hale image
Like Aria, you're artsy and independent with a free, open mind. Just because you're vastly different from those around you, that doesn't stop you from believing in your truth.


meg, demon, and supernatural image demon, supernatural, and meg masters image
You are Meg. Not everyone trusts you, but once someone has earned your respect, you are loyal beyond question. You are cunning and courageous, keeping enemies wary and friends grateful to have you on their side.

Harry Potter

Neville Longbottom
harry potter and neville longbottom image harry potter, neville longbottom, and Matthew Lewis image
You’re awkward and clumsy and hate being the center of attention. But you’re brave and big-hearted and people can always trust you to help them out in a bad situation.

Vampire Diaries

Caroline Forbes
tvd, thevampirediaries, and carolineforbes image Image by ༄🥥💸 ୭̥ॢ
You're a clever type A perfectionist with lots of friends. You have every detail of your life planned/organized in some way. You help to organize your friends' lives too, even if it is sometimes unwelcome. You like to take matters into your own hands. You're a loyal friend and your friend groups' mom. Your friends would die without you. Keep doing what you're doing, but remember it's okay to relax sometimes.

The Good Place

funny, relatable, and the good place image the good place image
You're curious, cultivated, and brilliant... which could be your downfall. You overthink everything and question question yourself so much that you can't manage to make any decisions. Just take a breath and listen to your instincts more often!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

funny, gif, and series image funny, gif, and brooklyn nine nine image
You are extremely loyal and protective and put your relationships with your friends and family first. You’re always there for someone if they need to talk and always more than ready to help your friends.

Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski
Image by Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈 teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and stiles image
Sarcasm is your go-to. You are always there for your friends and can be very supportive. Though there are times when you may feel inadequate, your moment will come.

That 70's Show

Jackie Burkhart
Mila Kunis, that 70s show, and jackie burkhart image that 70s show and jackie burkhart image
You may be a little shallow, but you know how to have a good time and you love when people love you. You love to give advice even though you aren't the best at it, and you really want to find your true love.