I'm doing this because it's still summer break and I am very bored.

Inspired by:

clothing style:

aesthetic, alternative, and black image accessories, clothing, and fashion image fashion, style, and aesthetic image Image by DyeHardApparel
I want to be fashionable but no


Abusive image eye, green, and eyes image audrey hepburn, black and white, and smile image classic, details, and fashion image
very very pale skin that burns instead of tanning, between skinny and chubby, green/orange eyes, short brown hair


Temporarily removed pink, sky, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed alternative, beauty, and black and white image
pink and black are my favorites


quotes, hobby, and imagine image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image meme, reaction, and celebrity image shy, true, and hateit image
I can be fun if I like you and I'm comfortable with you, but since I'm practically always socially anxious you'll think I'm too serious

taste in men:

kpop, bts, and lq image Inspiring Image on We Heart It bts, suga, and yoongi image icon, bts, and hoseok image
this is a joke but anyways I love bts

sexual orientation:

lesbian, girls, and couple image lesbian, pretty little liars, and pll image Image by peculiarme Mature image
I don't have enough opportunities to say this irl because of homophobia but YEAH IM PANSEXUAL which means i'm half gay/half hetero and I will. not. care. about. your. gender.

i'm french;

funny, croissant, and french image Image by larksings
and I do speak croissant

i'm a feminist;

Temporarily removed barbie, fashion, and fav image paris, bra, and woman image abortion, bisexual, and empowerment image
meaning I WILL find a way to shut you up if you make me feel humiliated because of my gender. also stop feeling attacked if you're a man, the whole system is wrong but in this system your own is usually the oppressor and you can't do anything about that

Here I think I'm done! I'm thankful if you have seen this article. have a nice day, nice life, nice back to school. Also watch shojo anime it's really cool