August is almost over. I wish y'all have the best days this month.
I realised that it's been really long time I am not writing an articles due to the busy time to work! oh God.

I still love to share my current playlist although took a little jump from January to August ehee♡

  • Stephanie Poetri - I Love You 3000
alternative, grunge, and red image love, red, and aesthetic image
"Baby take my hand, I want you to be my husband cause you're my Iron Man and I love you 3000"
  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Ghost of You
luke hemmings, 5sos, and b&w image Lyrics, aesthetic, and tumblr image
"So I drown it out like I always do, dancing through our house with the ghost of you"
  • Bruno Major - Easily
black, black and white, and boy image book, move on, and quote image
"Don't you tell me that it wasn't meant to be, call it quits call it destiny just because it won't come easily, doesn't mean we shouldn't try"
  • Hozier - Cherry Wine

<live version>

flowers, hope, and aesthetic image Image by Marilyn Pierre
"The way she shows me I'm hers and she is mine, open hand or closed fist would be fine, blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine"
  • Joji - Slow Dancing in the Dark
gray and joji image aesthetic, alternative, and broken image
"Give me reasons we should be complete, you should be with him I can't compete, you looked at me like I was someone else"