these are some of the books i've been 100% obsessed with lately. i hope you enjoy!

we are the ants, by shaun david hutchinson

Temporarily removed grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image Image by harper hands, stars, and photography image

i'll give you the sun, by jandy nelson

aesthetic, sun, and earrings image lemon, fruit, and yellow image art, places, and rooms image hair, girl, and blonde image

[series] all for the game, by nora sakavic

teen wolf, lacrosse, and aesthetic image alternative, blue, and grunge image cheerleader, blood, and high school image theme image

king of scars, by leigh bardugo

Dolce & Gabbana and princess image fox image ship image sky, lightning, and thunder image

the hating game, by sally thorne

hair, aesthetic, and red image apartment, classic, and passion image love, quotes, and archive image book, bedroom, and room image

letters to the lost, by brigid kemmerer

cat, black, and animal image Temporarily removed love, quotes, and I Love You image Temporarily removed

red, white and royal blue, by casey mcquiston

coffee, aesthetic, and morning image jet image drink, champagne, and paris image america, flag, and Marvel image

her royal highness, by rachel hawkins

lesbian, gay, and lgbt image nature, travel, and scotland image Image removed skirt, aesthetic, and grunge image

vicious, by ve schwab

life and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It japanese, bishounen, and victor nikiforov image knife, grunge, and dark image

and that's it! part 2 coming soon xx