Friday, 23 August 2019

Do you think one day we will be able to find someone who will love us truly?
4:02 AM

I am waiting for morning prayer and I have 18% battery 
4:03 AM

Well, you have lost too much weight. I know you are working on your comeback but still, you need to eat regularly.
4:04 AM

I don’t have to much to talk about
4:05 AM

I love body mist.
4:08 AM

What kind of smell do you like?
4:08 AM

I can’t write a story it’s like the scene is there in my mind but I don’t know to write it in words
4:09 AM

How is your day going?
1:48 PM

Looking good huh
9:22 PM

My friend got a tattoo. Even I want one but my parents won’t allow. 
9:22 PM

Do you like tattoos?
9:22 PM

Do you believe in 11:11?
11:21 PM

A whole new world
11:49 PM

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