Sunday, 18 August 2019

It’s raining here.
12:51 AM

12:52 AM

Talk to me
2:36 AM

Don’t worry it’s just a song. 
2:36 AM 

It is still raining and I can’t sleep.
3:29 AM

It is still raining here and due to which we can’t go anywhere.
11:58 AM

Vacation seems to be a waste now.
11:58 AM

Do you like the rain? I like it but I don’t want to go out. Staying at home always seems a better option. I like more sunny, windy days. 
12:46 PM

Would I be able to love again?
12:46 PM

Take care
12:47 PM

Finally, it stops raining and we are out for a walk.
5:01 PM

I haven’t had lunch yet. How was your day?
5:04 PM

I am great full to GOD for giving me so much because most of the people ask first before buying and I make them pay the price 
5:09 PM

Have you tried virgin mojito?
7:50 PM

I like wearing socks. I feel comfortable.
8:16 PM

I am currently reading Chanyeol fanfic on wattpad and I think I am falling for him. The story is cute to be real. 
8:22 PM

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