Aquamarine “Aqua” Jones


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Long dark brown hair, tan skin, cool blue eyes


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Calypso, after the mythical goddess of the sea

Role on ship

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First mate (formerly), captain. The former captain was the one that took her in, but when he died from a stab wound he gave his ship, the Black Lagoon, over to Aqua.


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Loose, comfy, free. She walked out on deck without a shirt once cause she forgot, she still forgets. She also likes to wear things she’s stolen.


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Her History

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Her father was a fearsome pirate known about the Caribbean Sea as Jester. Until he was seduced by a mermaid that came ashore & into the pub he was staying at. They did love each other, Jester even gave his girl a spot on his crew. But that love grew into an obsession. And few months after Aqua was born, the mermaid jumped overboard & fled to the sea. Jester, gone mad that his love was gone, left Aqua at the steps of an orphanage & set off to find his wife.
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Aqua lived at that poor, disgusting orphanage till she was 13. Aqua wanted to see the world, explore the great unknown. But it wasn’t as easy as she thought. She had to search the streets for scraps & was almost taken by a vulgar, drunken port soldier. He almost had his way with her until a rogue pirate, called Black Jack, beat the bloody crap out of the guy. He took Aqua in & taught her everything he knew. Until a rival crew ambushed them in a town & the crew perished. Aqua was the only one to escape.


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Aquamarine’s crew is unlike any other. After taking ownership of The Black Lagoon, Aqua searched for the most mischievous outcasts she could find. People like her or people even better. Her crew mostly consists of young adults like herself who seek adventure & freedom. Her ragtag crew is underestimated, but that always seems to be others’ downfall.

Love Interest

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No one knows his real name cause he won’t give it to anyone. But he goes by Jax, a “boring name” according to Aqua. Jax himself is a bit mad, and angry, and cruel. But he does have a playful, caring side. He constantly flirts with Aquamarine & has deep feelings for her, but his oblivious captain has yet to understand.