Friday, 16 August 2019

Sometimes silence describes feelings much better.
3:53 AM

Have you been in love?
3:58 AM

I have gained weight. I should start working out before it gets out of hand.
4:43 AM

I am also sleeping late these days. I hope you’re sleeping well.
4:43 AM

I made a mistake.
4:34 AM

You think I can fall in love again.
8:06 PM

How was your day?
8:07 PM

Sometimes I wonder would things be different if we meant in different circumstances? Would have I felt the same for you?
8:09 PM

I am writing a new story. I hope I finish this one. 
8:11 PM

I am dreaming again. I want to continue dreaming but I am scared what if this get broken just like last one. 
8:11 PM

Till now everything is good. We are going for dinner.
11:42 PM

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