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today I'm back with new article. I didn't know what to write about but finally I have an idea. I also did article on how to keep your hair healthy here, so please check it:

Let's start.

Okey before I tell you some tips on how to keep your nails healthy I will tell you some signs of healthy nails. Signs of healthy nails are: your nails are pinkish - white color, cuticles are there, prominent half moon shaped white section at nail base. Now let's start with some tips.

1. Keep your hands clean

Before you do your nails you should be sure that your hands, nails and skin around your nails are clean. You should wash your hands often and also exfoliate any dead skin on your hands.

2. Clip your nails

In my last article about hair I said you need to cut it often, same rule applies to the nails. Clip your nails regularly, I would recommend to clip them every two weeks.

3. Have a nail file on hand

Nail file will be handy if you need to smooth any rough edges that you may have.

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4. Take care of your nail tools

It's very important to clean your nail tools from bacteria. Wash your nail tools with water and soap and then wipe them with rubbing alcohol. If your nail tools are old, replace them.

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5. Don't cut your cuticles

The cuticle has a very important purpose to serve: It seals the area at the base of the nail. So when you cut or remove the cuticle, it breaks that seal of protection, leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection. The better you are at leaving cuticles alone, the more your nails will thank you.

6. Use base coat

I will admit that I sometimes skip base coat and go with nail polish first, but you shouldn't do that. Base coat will protect your nails from staining and also will help the color to look more opaque.

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7. Use a top coat

Another very important step when doing your nails is top coat. Top coat will seal in the polish's color and you will be left with beaufitul gloss or matte finish. Also top coat will prevent nail chipping.

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8. Use moisturizer

You need to keep your hands and nails hydrated so use hand cream or lotion and rub them into your hands and around your nails. Try to do this couple times a day.

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9. Use cuticle oil

Just like lotion it will help your nails to be more hydrated. Apply cuticle oil around your nails, stimulating nail growth.

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10. Give your nails a break

I know nails look pretty when they're painted but you should give them a break. Take a week or more without doing anything to you nails and they'll be thankful to you for sure.

That's all for this article. It took me some time to write it but I'm happy with finish product. I hope you will like it and find it helpful. See you soon with new articles, until then check my previous articles here: