Mermaids or Angels?

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Angels, they're so bright and glorious. They radiate positivity.

1900's or 2000's?

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Smooth Jazz or Classical?

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Extrovert, Ambivert or Introvert?

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Introvert. I like being with my close friends and am comfortable when being "out" with them. But I re-charge when being alone and I am at my best when having me-time.

Movies or Books?

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A little bit of both. I love reading, but I watch movies a lot more than I read.

Rain or Sunshine?

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Also both. I love being inside watching the rain outside. It is so cozy. Although with sunshine somes positive vibes and great memories, and that I love too.

Dancing or Singing?

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Singing. But I wish I could dance as well.

Tea, Coffee or Hot chocolate?

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Tea. Always.

Fall or Spring?

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When do you normally wake up?

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I am taking a gap year before starting uni, therefore I do not set an alarm anymore. But around 9 am.

Who was your first idol in life?

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Vanessa Hudgens. I grew up LOVING High School Musical (and I still do ;) )

Favorite Scent?

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Freshly brewed coffee or just coffee beans in general. (Even though I don't really drink it)

What is your favorite subject?

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Favorite childhood memory?

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The summers I spent with my family. They felt endless and so peaceful. I am really thankful for my family.

What is your greatest wish?

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To be happy and find peace within myself. (And to see as much as the world as possible.)