(First of all I want to say sorry for my english, 'cause it's not my mother tongue.)

School will start soon and I want to give you some advice before it's too late.

school supplies

  • notebooks
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You could buy a simple notebook and later at home you can decorate it with anything you want. Stickers, washi tape or you can write or draw something on the front.
  • pens
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Honestly I really like gel pens and I heard that the muji gel pens are good. Other brand: Pentel, Tratto and Pilot G-2.
  • binders
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Binders are one of my favourite school supplies. There are so many color and pattern to choose. I think that they are really convenient because you can have more than one subjekct in one place.
  • highlighters
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I prefer pastel highlighters because the color is less intense than fluo colors. Buy more than one color of highlighter because trust me, you'll need more than one color.
  • pencils
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For pencils I suggest a simple pencil, you don't need a fancy and expensive pencil, they all do the same work. If you have art class, you have to wait until the teacher says what he\she wants for his\her class.
  • erasers

For the erasers are the same thing as for pencils.

  • water bottles
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Buy a water bottle that you can fit easily in your backpack.
  • pencil case
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Buy a pencil case that you know can contain all your stuff.
  • backpack
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Other brand beside Fjällräven Kanken are Eastpack, Invicta and Vans.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thank you so much if you left an heart.