Hi guys! This is a strange article that Im doing with @QueenDayraJasemine, we are gonna do a: Crush Battle. Each of us, choose 5 cruch celebrites, and with your help we are gonna discover who is the winner of each round... Let´s start!

1- Chris Evans VS Brad Simpson.

captain america, chris evans, and dog image chris evans, captain america, and man image
Temporarily removed concert, thevamps, and cute image

(Dayra-Chris Evans) He is my everything since I saw him as Captain America, the way he looks, the way he acts the role, OMG I want to be Miss America. As a normal person, behind the actor I think he is so kind and sweet, he loves animals ( just like me ) he has a dog. What can I say he is perfect as a men, as an actor, as a friend as everything. All movies are ... no more words to describe him. <3

(Me-Brad Simpson)
I really love many things about him. I love the group he is in: The Vamps, how he sings, how funny he is and how cute he is. I hope to meet you one day. Who is your winner?

2- Theo James VS Daniel Sharman.

theo james image theo james, Hot, and divergent image
teen wolf and daniel sharman image teen wolf, daniel sharman, and isaac lahey image

(Dayra-Theo James) My Four, my Tobias Eaton, I can't describe him, he stole my heart when I saw him in Divergent, the way he loves Tris <3. Cute and handsome men and actor alive.

(Me- Daniel Sharman)
Thanks to him, I discovered the best series in the world, and it made me realize what I wanted to do in the future, thanks to his last name (Lahey) in the Teen Wolf series, people began to know me, was, is and will be Always my first crush.

3-Drew Ray Tanner VS Jake Manley.

flower, riverdale, and drew ray tanner image bad, beauty, and black image
handsome, model, and cute image Image removed

(Dayra- Drew) He is so hot, and looks so bad in Riverdale, in those black clothes. Nice actor, it is a pleasure to see him on the Tv and insta, like him so much <3.

(Me-Jake Manley)- Now I'm watching the order on netflix, and I can't be more in love with him, and his character in the series.

4- Tom Holland VS Dominic Sherwood.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It tom holland and Marvel image
dominic sherwood and shadowhunters image shadowhunters, dominic sherwood, and jace herondale image

(Dayra-Tom Holland) A young and cute actor, a new Marvel Icon, so full of life, so sweet, I wish I could be at least his best friend ( and why not later his girlfriend:)) ) <3.

(Me-Dom Sherwood) Since I saw him for the first time in shadowhunters, I couldn't like him more as he acted and as he was. I love him, when he is with the cast, with Kat Mcnamara, Matt Daddario …

5-. Keanu Reeves VS ´´El Purre´´

black-and-white, keanu reeves, and portrait image keanu reeves image
argentina, b&w, and boys image argentina, boys, and chicos image

(Dayra- Keanu Reeves)He is such a nice person, he is an actor be he acts like a normal person, you don't see a person like him everyday, I like him so much. <3

(Me- El Purre)- ¡Me encanta! He comes out in one of my favorite series, and his character is just great. He's so good, romantic… I love He jejeje.

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Well, girls and boys, we hope that you love the article. Do not forget to give the heart, follow us and send us a message from those who believe they have won in each round! Thank you and we love you!

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