twice, kpop, and momo image twice, kpop, and momo image

My bias: Jihyo

gif, kpop, and momo image

2 - Red Velvet

Image removed wendy, irene, and seulgi image

My bias: Seulgi

beautiful, seulgi, and gif image

3 - Blackpink

blackpink, rose, and jennie image blackpink, lisa, and rose image

My bias: Rosé

rose, ulzzang, and jennie image

4 - ITZY

lia, yuna, and itzy image girl group, idol, and yuna image

My bias: Yuna

dance, fashion, and girl image

5 - (G)I-DLE

Image by Loup Image by Loup

My bias: Soojin

asian, soojin, and gif image

6 - Everglow

gg, girl group, and everglow image kpop, everglow, and mia image

My bias: Aisha

everglow, heo yoorim, and gif image

7 - CLC

cube, elkie, and k-pop image Image removed

My bias: Seungyeon

elkie, wendy, and soloist image

8 - Mamamoo

Image removed aesthetic, solar, and ot4 image

My bias: Hwasa

moomoo, solar, and tattoo image


loona, kpop, and yves image loona and kpop image

My bias: I don't have

10 - Weki Meki

girl group, k-pop, and lua image k-pop, weki meki, and 위키미키 image

My bias: I don't have