Hello again :) i discovered very good songs and i think it's time to share with you :P

My previous playlist :

1) Lana Del Rey - The greatest

It would be a shame if i don't start with Lana, i luv her ♥

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The culture is lit, and if this is it‚ I had a ball
I guess that I'm burned out after all

_2) NoMBe - Freak Like Me

OMG this is my new fav his songs are ( I CAN'T EXPLAIN THE FEELING) PERFECT . Also this song is so cool and lyrics very darefull.

and the video is original they filmed with 360• camera

My baby is a freak like me and she knows just what I like
She carries all the keys to the places that no one dares to find
She won't tell nobody what goes on in these walls
If they talked, they'd probably tell you all about love

3) NoMBe - Wait

Another NoMBe this ones rhythm is littt . I promise you you gonna feelll deep.

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Let's make it last forever
'Cause the night's still young
It's true, I feel the pressure
Every time you're gone

4) Two Feet -Lost The Game

This one also makes me feel perfect. Their music quality is very high

Temporarily removed
I think that I messed up
I think that I'm off
I won't fuck with you girl
'Cause it ain't right, nah, baby, it's wrong

5) Roseburg - Wave

Ayy you can listen at full blast its cool

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You're moving around
I'm gonna crash down
Thanks to playing your games
There's not a winner now

6) BANNERS- Someone To You

This sounds like a movie song but cool (actually thats not a bad think but whatever )

love, couple, and kiss image
And if the sun's upset and the sky goes cold
Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall
I really need somebody to call my own
I wanna be somebody to someone

7) Sedef Sebüktekin- Ara

She is from Turkey you might don't understand lyrics but please try to listen and the music is very good .

art, artist, and music image
Sardım Kafayı Bişeye Taktım, Seni Aramak Istemem.
Senin Tarafın Soğuk Şimdi, Sayıklar Durur Geceler

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0JCEcAgHR2X9N1m7Pl4VRC ( with other songs )

thanx bye :*

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