Hello dear Hearters !♡

This is my first ever Article so please don't be to harsh on me. My Name is Maria and i come from Romania but live in Germany so this means that i apologize in advance for any mistakes but English is not my main language.😆

I'm starting off with an easy article called Cute Questions To Answer {TAG}
I got inspired by @grvme

Here's the Article
1. Mermaids or Angels?
mermaid, fantasy, and siren image ancient, folklore, and german image
Actually Sirens
2. 1900s or 2000s?
funny, lol, and kids image
Hard decision, i think 1900s because it seems like back then people weren't so stupid like now.
3. Smooth Jazz or Beautiful classical?
jazz, music, and musical instrument image jazz, music, and black and white image
Smooth Jazz ofc. ♡
4. Extrovert, Ambivert or Introvert?
alone image Image removed
Ambivert, but becoming even more introverted as the days go by.
5. Chocolate bars or Lollipops?
Image removed food, dessert, and chocolate image
Chocolate Bars 🤤😍
6. Movies or Books?
autumn, Halloween, and fall image autumn, book, and fall image
Both of them.
7. Spring or Fall?
Temporarily removed spring, flowers, and blossom image
Both of them
8. Rain or Sunshine?
quotes, happiness, and summer image sunflower, flowers, and sunset image
9. Dancing or Singing?
Image by Anja Hollaschke dance, vintage, and paris image
10. Tea, Coffe or Hot Chocolate?
chocolate, sweet, and hot ​chocolate image light, autumn, and christmas image
Hot Chocolate♡
11. What's your favourite song?
Temporarily removed axl rose, Guns N Roses, and slash image
Guns'n'Roses - Sweet Child o Mine
12. What is your favourite scent?
indie, mood, and rain image love, him, and smile image
The fresh smell after it rained and the way my fiancé smells ♡♡
13. When do you normally wake up?
alarm, blue, and clock image black and white, eyebrows, and funny image
At 9.00 am
14. What is your favourite book?
book, vintage, and grimm image books and reading image
I don't have a favourite one.
15. Who was your first idol in life?
anywhere, black and white, and daughter image black and white, blonde, and funny image
I think Pink ♡
16. What game were you best at in gym class?
animal, baby, and photography image animals, nature, and picture image
Nothing. I hate gym..
17. Where do you go to study?
study, college, and notes image Image by Patrícia Camargo
In my bedroom
18. What is your favourite childhood memory?
christmas, december, and sleep image christmas, ellen pompeo, and katherine heigl image
Lying under the christmas tree with my brother and friends.
19. What is your favourite subject?
america, us, and usa image america, american flag, and rustic image
English ofc. 😆
20. What is your least favourite subject?
wallpaper, background, and math image hate, math, and Psycho image
Mathematics 😣
21. What is your greatest wish?
chocolate, earth, and planet image Image removed
Save our planet.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed my first article.♡