For this article i did a collaboration with Zoe (@HoeForChaeyoung). Guys please check out her account, she makes some of the amazing articles, and please don't forget to check out my other articles.

Shout out to the amazing @doraaaw from whom we got inspiration to write this article.
This is Zoe's version.

Favorite girl group

rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image Image removed
Me: Blackpink Zoe: Twice

Favorite boy group

actor, do, and exo image v, tae, and bts image

Favorite Subunit

Chen, exo, and baekhyun image Image removed
Me: EXO- CBX Zoe: Loona yyxy

Ultimate male bias

Ikon, hanbin, and bi image rm, bts, and kim namjoon image
Me: B.I - IKON Zoe: Namjoon - BTS

Ultimate female bias

asian, girl, and korean image twice, chaeyoung, and kpop image
Me: Hyuna - Triple H Zoe: Chaeyoung- Twice

Favorite male soloist

boy, handsome, and korean image Image by Bondár Ági
Me: Taemin Zoe: G-Dragon

Favorite female soloist

Inspiring Image on We Heart It amy lee, girl, and kpop image
Me: Tiffany - Girls generation Zoe: Ailee

Favorite female rapper

4minute, hyuna, and kim hyuna image pretty, rap, and cute image
Me: Hyuna Zoe: Tymee

Favorite male rapper

Image by miiims bts, bangtan, and yoongi image
Me: T.O.P - BIGBANG Zoe: Yoongi - BTS

Favorite male vocalist

Image removed asian, boy, and guy image
Me: Woosung - The Rose Zoe:Taemin

Favorite Female vocalist

twice and jihyo image 90s, aesthetic, and dress image
Me: Jihyo - Twice Zoe: Wheein - Mamamoo

Favorite male dancer

kpop, wallpaper, and got7 image jh, bts, and hobi image
Me: Yugyeom - GOT7 Zoe: J-Hope - BTS

Favorite female dancer

Image by Maxie A. George beautiful, girl group, and idle image
Me: Momo - Twice Zoe: Soojin - G-idle

Favorite visual

Image by Ashcash💸 ioi, doyeon, and kim doyeon image
Me: V - BTS Zoe: Doyeon - Weki Meki

Bye sweeties