Here is a list of my favorite bands and singers. I love so many different genres so here are my top picks.

I will post my most recent articles if anyone wants to check them out. Hope everyone enjoys. Please tag*BOBZ* if you were inspired for your own music article! :)

  • Balance And Composure -
Temporarily removed sun, moon, and angel image balance and composure image band and balance and composure image
  • The Beatles -
the beatles image the beatles, beatles, and george harrison image john lennon, Paul McCartney, and the beatles image the beatles, beatles, and george harrison image
  • The Neighbourhood -
background, black, and home image wallpaper, the neighbourhood, and music image the neighbourhood, music, and band image the 1975, jesse rutherford, and matty healy image
  • From Indian Lakes -
Image removed Temporarily removed
  • Billie Eilish -
Temporarily removed Image by Mel billie eilish, wallpaper, and billie image billie eilish image
  • The Doors -
60s, aesthetic, and bands image the doors and Jim Morrison image music, rock n roll, and music bands image art, band, and colour image
  • Post Malone
Mature image wallpaper, post malone, and rappeurs image Mature image post malone, tattoo, and posty image
  • Twenty One Pilots -
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image grunge, quotes, and twenty one pilots image
  • Bring Me The Horizon -
bmth, bring me the horizon, and band image Abusive image bmth, drown, and bring me the horizon image bmth, bring me the horizon, and band image
  • Queen -
japan, Queen, and 1975 image Temporarily removed band, Freddie Mercury, and lego image Image removed
  • Nirvana -
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed artist, idol, and kurt cobain image
  • Dance Gavin Dance -
dance gavin dance image dance gavin dance and mothership image dance gavin dance and dgd image dance gavin dance image
  • Pierce The Veil -
Image removed love, pierce the veil, and skeleton image aesthetic, alternative, and edgy image Image removed
  • Khalid -
khalid image khalid image adorable, cute boy, and location image Image removed
  • Halsey -
halsey, quotes, and Lyrics image halsey, blue, and hair image music, photography, and urban outfitters image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • Troye Sivan -
Temporarily removed troye sivan, art, and boy image troye, youtuber, and troye sivan image troye sivan, troye, and music image
  • Shawn Mendes -
shawn mendes image shawn mendes image Image removed Image removed
  • The Jonas Brothers -
brothers, happiness, and jonas image brothers and jonas image Joe Jonas, jonas brothers, and kevin jonas image Joe Jonas, kevin jonas, and nick jonas image