If I was your girl, I would be happier,
I'd have you in my social media and you would give like to my pictures,
just like Id do it with yours.

If I was your girl, you would recommend me music
and you would ask me about my day.
You would tell me about your school
and how different is from mine.

If I was your girl, I would teach you some dance moves
like you would do too.
We would dance with each other,
we would make choreographies together.

If I was your girl, I would invite you to the parties I go,
you would meet my friends and maybe hang out with them too.
You would go to my school when I have dance presentations
or when I have competitions.

If I was your girl, we would go together for ice cream,
just like the first time we met.

But, those are only "If"
and even tho I think about that a lot,
I can't make you come back.