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Hello fellow heaters!

Even though most people have already gone back to school, here in Italy we still have a few weeks of holidays and just now back to school season is starting!

To be quite honest, I do not particularly enjoy school, just like most teenagers. I could write a whole article on why I do not like the Italian school system and school in general even though I love learning, so I am not going to dive into this topic today.

Today I wanted to talk about my new school year's resolutions!
A new school year is the student's equivalent of everyone's new year, which means that we start our academic journey with so many fresh ideas and things we want to achieve.

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1 ✎ socializing

During my first year of high school, I actually got to know a lot of people but, as I changed school for my second year of high school, last year I did not make many new friends outside of my class (in Italy we do not have different classes, we just have a single class and the teachers move around).

This year I want to make sure I get to know more people, both younger and older. I hope to find some study buddies and just some new friends who live near me and who I can hang out with!

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remember that you are important!

2 ✎ being part of the school newspaper

In my old school, I was part of the school newspaper, but last year - for some weird unexplainable reason - I did not join the team. It is obvious I have a passion for writing (I wouldn't be writing articles if I did not, would I?) and I hope I can bring a breath of fresh air to our school newspaper. In addition, I will make new friends!

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3 ✎ good grades

I obviously want good grades. I have never completely failed a class in my life, but I've come close to it (I find Latin, Greek and Math class really hard).
This year I would like to focus more on studying and trying to understand everything as well as I can.
In Italy, in your third year of high school, new classes are added to your curriculum. It is really important to be a good student so that you are not overwhelmed with the completely new topics you have to learn.

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4 ✎ being organized

I am messy. I am extremely unorganized. Last year I literally had one notebook for most of my classes and I lost all of the printed sheets our teacher gave us. This year I want to be different.
I will not only have one notebook per class: I will have two. One for taking notes, the other for revising and creating my own textbook which will summarise the texts we need to study and integrate the notes I take in class. I used to do this a couple of years ago and it really helped me.

Besides being organized in my school life, I want to become more organized with my internet life. I will try (big emphasis on try, as school, will always have a priority on the internet side of my life) to post at least one article per week. I want to be more consistent both here and on Instagram.

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I'm already thinking about the all-nighters I will have to pull to finish all of my assignments

5 ✎ gym

This summer I went to the gym for one month straight. It might not sound a lot to you but for me, a shy maybe-gay-maybe-not boy with body image issues and who hates sports (that got deep for a moment, sorry haha), it was a big step. It made me understand that going to the gym is not that bad and that people don't judge you that much. Some of the gym members were quite intimidating and scary, but at the end of the day, my anxiety was based on nothing and useless.
This year, I will go to the gym twice a week and I will go there with some of my classmates so that none of us will stop going after a few times.

I really hope that by next summer I will feel more confident.

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6 ✎ read more

I love reading. I read an awful lot, especially in summer. The problem is, during school I stop reading as much as I would like. This year I will not let it happen: I will bring the book I am reading with me all the time, so that when I have a free moment I can get a chance to read a few pages instead of endlessly scrolling through Instagram or Twitter.
I have so many new books to read (I bought them in England and the haul article is coming soon!) and I just cannot wait to read them!

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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xoxo, remember to smile

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