"Hey, I'm doing the Movie Challenge with over 15 different movies! Let's go!"

Favorite Movie

singing, theatre, and love image chicago, musical, and catherine zeta-jones image black and white, girl, and dance image chicago, musical, and roxie hart image Temporarily removed musical, chicago, and dance image

Last Movie You Saw; liked and disliked

Heathers, winona ryder, and christian slater image winona ryder, Heathers, and cigarette image Abusive image hell, quotes, and grunge image
I loved Heathers!
Temporarily removed coffee, jaws, and tumblr image Image removed 1975, jaws, and vintage movie image
Jaws was really dumb, oh my gosh!

Guilty Pleasure

christina aguilera, burlesque, and xtina image burlesque, vintage, and xtina image burlesque, girly, and movie image burlesque, christina aguilera, and dance image burlesque, christina aguilera, and movie image 2010, burlesque, and christina aguilera image
Burlesque- Starring Christina Aguleria

Seen too Many Times

edit, Legolas, and lord of the rings image edit, lord of the rings, and LOTR image flowers, cottage, and nature image lord of the rings, LOTR, and the shire image Image by yanhix lord of the rings, elf, and empower image
Lord of the Rings Series

Makes you Cry

lily collins, to the bone, and gif image lily collins, to the bone, and actress image Image by kurdgirln movie, quotes, and unicorns image movie, anorexie, and lily collins image quotes, movie, and to the bone image
To the Bone- Starring Lily Collins


disney, lilo, and lilo and stich image disney, lilo, and stitch image stitch and cute image Temporarily removed stitch, disney, and stich image lilo and stich image
Lilo and Stitch

Changed your Perspective

love, logan lerman, and quotes image boyfriend, couples, and entertainment image the perks of being a wallflower, logan lerman, and movie image quotes, the perks of being a wallflower, and movie image Image by idk Image by idk
The Perks of Being a Wallflower- Starring Logan lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller


Temporarily removed autumn, gif, and horror image blood, goth, and book of shadows image goth, book of shadows, and the blair witch project image alive, blair, and project image Temporarily removed
The Blair Witch Project


johnny depp, sweeney todd, and helena bonham carter image Image removed Image removed johnny depp, sweeney todd, and helena bonham carter image black, white, and grave image art, black, and gif image
Sweeny Todd: The Deamon Barber of Fleet Street- Starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter


jacob elordi, couple, and joey king image joey king, jacob elordi, and couple image kissing booth and the kissing booth image the kissing booth, joel courtney, and joey king image Elle, noah, and netflix image Image by Vio
The Kissing Booth- Starring Joey king and Jacob Elordi


funny, meme, and quote image funny, meme, and quote image comedy, funny, and mood image caption, drugs, and funny image college, comedian, and comedy image meme image
Literally Anything John Mulaney Guys


movie and natalie portman image quotes, black swan, and movie image black swan, natalie portman, and ballet image Image removed swan lake, black swan, and act 3 image black swan, natalie portman, and black and white image
The Black Swan- Starring Natalie Portman


gif, movie retro vintage, and american graffiti 1973 image gif, rock and roll, and movie retro vintage image rock and roll, movie retro vintage, and rockabilly film cinema image rock and roll, american graffiti 1973, and movie retro vintage image Temporarily removed 50s, vinyl, and retro image
American Graffiti


balto image jenna, balto, and Duke image child, wolf, and balto image steele and balto image balto image balto image
Balto Romantic
movie, quotes, and lana condor image netflix, lana condor, and movie image boys, caption, and movie image noah centineo, lara jean, and lana condor image movie and lara jean image movie and lara jean image
To all the Boys I've Loved Before- Starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo


Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and guitar image Back to the Future, kiss, and 80s image Back to the Future, 80s, and 90s image Image removed 80s, Back to the Future, and 1985 image Image removed
Back to the Future

Came out the Year you were Born

finding nemo, walt disney, and disney image Image by MokaArt nemo, disney, and dory image Image by فاطِمة .. anxiety, finding nemo, and quotes image home, nemo, and dory image
Finding Nemo

A Movie Everyone Should See

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by RUVALCABA MARY JANE Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
The Outsiders

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