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Today I officially finished my A1.3 level of French! It was an amazing month filled with meeting new people, learning so much and just popping out of the typical bubble I live in. This Monday I will be starting a new level (A1.4) with a new Professeur. Super sad omg. But on the good note I have to say that I am very proud of myself because I got a 93/100 in my final grade!

Fun Anecdote: My ophthalmologist said I didn't have to wear my glasses anymore because in my examination I showed signs that I was perfect without them, 20/20 eyesight. So I put my glasses away in one of my drawers. Yesterday, goofing around, I decided to try them on and read something cuz why the heck not. I saw the letters so black and perfect! I was shook, but then when I looked up to see my mom walking towards me I COULDN'T SEE SHIT, and then I took them off and my head started to hurt and I felt dizzy. Basically I am scared of this shit and I don't have time for that.

I don't have much to say other than I am working hard to achieve a goal I have in mind so please root for me! Also, tomorrow a lot of people are presenting the SAT including my very good friend Mema sooo I expect good vibes from y'all. Plus I have some friends that are waiting for their university's admission results soo fingers crossed!

Day 14: List 5 wishes for your friends.

(This prompt was given by Isa last year)
WARNING: If you want to get sentimental keep reading until the very end.

This is such an awesome prompt, like it was made to be answered at this time of the year. All of my friends are stepping to this new chapter of their lives and as I talked in my other article I see them from the sidelines. But here is the catch! Imagine that you went to see a game of your favorite sport's team, my case Volleyball. So you are sitting in the audience seeing your favorite team playing and you are just there feeling the excitement and cheering for them, that is how this whole situation feels like to me.


As my favorite sports team I want all of my friends to triumph in every way, shape or form that they set their minds to. I wish that my friend's hard work, determination and effort pays off. I am sure that in this life people have what they have because they deserve it, because they have proved that they are fit to deserve such things or presents that life gives them. I wish that all of my friends get to the end of the game, see the score and say "I FUCKING MADE IT". I wish that they feel like they succeeded in whatever their goal is right now.

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New York City


There are going to be a lot of challenges from now on. My friends are moving out of their houses, they are crossing the oceans to other continents and to other countries and leaving behind everything they know. They are leaving friends, comfort, family, favorite places, and their homes behind. And as exciting as it sounds to finally be independent and go to university, I am sure that homesick-ness is going to knock on their door and pay them a visit. I wish that they know how to face this feeling, how to overcome it. And not necessarily by pushing it away but by embracing it and have the courage to admit that this is happening and that it is sad but you are strong enough to move on and not let this affect the wonderful things that you have in the present.

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Okay y'all listen out. My friends are moving to fucking cool cities in which party is big deal, heavy shit. I know that taking breaks, hanging out with others, getting a drink or two is all fun but not games. I wish that my friends' little voice that lives inside their heads can keep them at ease. I wish that they enjoy fairly their new gained adulthood but remember that you are there for a reason and it is to work hard and to take full advantage of this opportunity that you have. I wish for them to focus and leave aside laziness and irresponsibility so they can keep walking in that path of success.

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My babies can't get sick, honestly. This looks like such a clichรฉ thing to wish but, come one, it is necessary. I want you guys to stay healthy, to eat healthy, to not get the flu or the viruses that reside in every place filled with students. Please, take care of yourself and respect your sleeping hours because overworking gets you sick bro, that shit is bad! Also don't party a lot, some of you are witnesses of how the body acts when it doesn't receive rest so like TAKE CARE FO YOURSELVES SO I CAN BE HAPPY. Thanks.

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I wish to you guys that you trust your choices, that you trust that whatever is happening in your life right now is because it is supposed to happen and trust that if you are where you are is because you deserve it. When you walk near the Empire State building, when you visit the Great Wall of China, when you chill in Plaza Mayor and when you see El Avila, know that you belong there, know that you deserve to be there, know that you earned your spot there.

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I love you guys so much, and I am so fucking proud to see you grow towards that precious goal that is cooking up inside your head. I know that you will rock the shit out of your universities and represent the excellence that we have running through our veins. Go and make our country's name RESONANT and BOOMING. And for my friends who stay, you are the first brick to build our home back up and be that country our parents talk us about.
You guys are awesome and I hope I can join this team next year but for now, I send you a warm hug from the sidelines.
Your biggest fan,
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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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