Don't ask me why I've already thought about this, because I don't know (but it might have something to do with Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis only being 5 years older than me and having the cutest child ever). If I say I'm a planner and organizer, that also means that I like to think about my future. My far, far away future. This list consists of little things that popped into my head, it's not a full parent guide for future me. These are just the ideas that I'd like to remember :)

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★ Keep my favorite books and let my kids read them when they reach the right age. I'll give you the sun is an example of a book that moves me so much, that I'd really like it if my kids would read it.
★ Make music with them from a young age
★ Dress them goooood and comfy (sadly, I look ridiculous in all the pictures I have from my childhood but at least I do look comfortable and I think that's important too)
★ Go away for the weekend sometimes when they are around the age of sixteen and pretend I don't know what happens ;)
★ Go on city trips!
★ Keep a diary about them and give it to them when they're older (I think it's fun for them to know how I thought about them when they were babies for example)
★ Go surfing with them! I love surfing, but I'm not very good at it because I never really had the opportunity to learn it until a year ago. I would really like it to go on surfing holidays with my kids and raise surfer chicks and/or dudes ;)