Sorry it's so late! This one is about a sunshine girl and a gloomy boy. He's been alone for so long and he is struggling to keep his grip on life. He drowns himself (metaphorically, in cups of juice or water, obviously) and submerges himself in novels about romance, intrigue, and knights in shining armor. She wants to feel alive, pushing herself to the edge and going home exhausted. She doesn't know how to say no, and he doesn't know how to say yes. Maybe they could learn from each other.

When the Life of the Party Dies

She danced
She swayed
He looked down
His hair splayed
She smiled
She sang
He frowned
He drank
She laughed
She talked
He looked around
Said nothing at all
She was bright
She was found
He was lost
In sad musical sounds
She walked up behind him
Asked the barista for a glass
He looked up through his bangs
His platinum blonde hair a curly disaster
Her bright brown eyes drew him in
Her dark locks lulled him
His eyes widened
His eyes wandered close to sin
She thanked the barista
And handed back the change
He smiled her way, tried to wave
Accidentally flipped his page
The book fell to the ground
The cover uncovered
They both reached down
For Romeo and Juliet
Fingers almost touched
They finally met
Suddenly two worlds collided

No more fates divided.