Hi everyone! this is my first article, and its dedicated to my best friend beacuse she's the best and i love her :)
So here are some things i know about her:


drink, green, and healthy image aesthetic, boba tea, and bubble tea image coffee and ice image coffee, mug, and hipster image
Matcha tea, boba tea, coffee and iced coffee


foals image the 1975, music, and grunge image poster, rapper, and korean image indie, the vaccines, and hipster image
And much more....

Stuff she likes

aesthetic, wallpaper, and art image map, travel, and room image map, travel, and world image earth, globes, and globe image
Van Gogh, maps, globes


fashion, style, and aesthetic image 90s, fashion, and grunge image outfit, fashion, and style image dress, outfit, and style image
Mostly 90's Fashion


logan lerman, black and white, and boy image aaron johnson, marauders, and james potter image bts, jin, and seokjin image bts, jin, and kpop image
Logan Lerman, Aaron Jhonson, Jin (BTS)

Likes to eat

chocolate bar, food porn, and eat dessert image cake and cake decoration image food and chicken teriyaki image chocolate, dia de muertos, and méxico image
Chocolate with almonds, lemon pie, teriyaki, and Pan de muerto because #mexicans


sing street image 80s, aesthetic, and alternative image Image removed Across the Universe and Evan Rachel Wood image
"Sing Street" and "Across The Universe"


book, girl, and library image acoustic, autumn, and beautiful image Temporarily removed girl, swimmer, and swimming image
Read, play guitar (just sometimes), run, swimm

Favorite color

sunflower, flowers, and yellow image yellow, music, and aesthetic image kind, blue, and red image Temporarily removed
Yellow (Obviously)


Image by benedettaa meme, funny, and message image care bears, aesthetic, and cartoon image 90's, gif, and meme image
Funny, she said random things, dance with no music need, and the most kind person i ever meet <3

I hope you enjoy this recopilation of all the things (i know) you like.

Thanks for being my best friend, Yari.