hello! in this article, i'll be describing myself in pictures. it'll be a simple and quick article, so i hope you'll enjoy it!

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the left picture is the book "kafka on the shore." it's one of the best books i've ever read. the right picture is manga. i usually read manga more than actual books, so that's why i put it on here.


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i don't think i've mentioned this in one of my articles before, but i'm asian. i'd rather not say which part i'm from because that would make it easy for my friends to find this account lol


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i enjoy ramen, boba, iced coffee and asian snacks.


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to own a fancy apartment, to have 1 or 2 pets, to have lots of money, and to travel to parts of asia.


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bazzi and conan gray are some of my favorite american artists. as for iu (bottom left), i love her songs, even though i don't listen to kpop much anymore. there's also kana boon (bottom right). i listen to them because i love the upbeat style of their songs.


Image removed music image 1999, anime, and boy image dog, cute, and manga image
i particularly love writing, listening to music, watching anime and reading manga. they're all things that i do in my free time (yes, including writing!)


meme, reaction, and reaction pictures image cats, funny, and kpop image funny, lol, and meme image kermit the frog and meme image


anime, bleach, and fun image Image by Booooooo Image by alouette_hirondelle anime, lee, and naruto image
bleach, fullmetal alchemist, attack on titan, naruto


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