Achtsamkeit | Mindfulness | Conscience | Conciencia

It's all about "Achtsamkeit"...
  • Achtsamkeit - besonderer Bewusstseins- oder Wahrnehmungszustand
  • Achtsamkeit - German noun; translated as mindfulness or awareness: a specific state of perception
  • Achtsamkeit - traduit de l'allemand en français ça veut dire conscience: un état de perception particulière
  • Achtsamkeit - substantivo alemán, quiere decir conciencia en español: un éstado de percepción especial

A warm welcome, everyone! Since you've made it to this point of the article, you might know which topic I want to cover here. Guess what...
...Well, let's talk about mindfulness, surprise!

I'm sure an English-Only intro would have explained what I want to say, but it's me who is writing right now and ME is very obsessed with language and translating. I am, like most of us here, I assume, still a student and still learning - so please ignore them, if there are any (and I think there are some) incorrect expressions and let me know your suggestions :)

To begin with, let me tell you something I consider as health-promoting: Achtsamkeit

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting by the fireside (I am well aware that we are in the season of summer but I'm cold so..) and I am staring at the fire. Some of you might already think of the warmth flowing right out of the chimney and yes, I do appreciate that warmth.
So what I could say now is that I am sitting in front of the chimney and I am not freezing anymore because of it's warmth.
But what I do say is that I am taking a closer look at the fire. I realize how qucikly the flames are moving but how smooth and evenly they climb up the wooden bricks at the same time, while touching the walls on the inside of the chimney. I notice the variety of colours the fire shows off, changing from orange to yellow, even to purple spots. I close my eyes. I embrace the warmth and let it warm up my body, starting with the tips of my toes till it reaches my nose. I take a deep breathe. I feel it.

But first, I saw, I noticed, I felt and then: I percieved. Mindfulness.

awareness, chimney, and fire image
mindful by the fireside

Mindfulness. When you go outside, you see nature, you see, if it's cloudy or sunny. You see the sky, maybe the sun if you're lucky. You see the trees, the path you're walking on, maybe stones. You get a lot of impressions at a time, you notice this or that. But do you feel?

If it's windy, we think, oh, it's windy today - but do we feel it? Do we really feel the wind gently breezing over our skin? Do we think we are aware of that? Sadly not too often, I think.

I could give a thousand examples. Let's say, plants. Flowers, in diverging shapes, colours and even scents. What does it take? Just a look and a breath, in a mindful way. It's the same here - we do see trees. But why don't we notice all of the leaves? Everyone of them looking different as a single one, but still somehow the same, as a whole, forming the crown of a tree. Why don't we listen: to the sound of leaves, moving in the wind? Because we have too many other things in mind than mindfulness.

beautiful, cherryblossom, and nature image quote and text image sunset, love, and colordreams image blue, foot, and golden image
See. Notice. Feel. Percieve.

A mindful way of living, practising awareness in the everyday life - that's what makes our days worth living, in a world full of hurry. Go outside. See. Feel. Percieve. Enjoy - the simple things. Joy can be lived so easily. What we can learn from that - we don't need that many things to feel happy. We definitely should feel joy when we notice how amazing nature is, without taking pictures. Just make memories in your head - for you. Don't take your phone with you everytime you practise mindfulness and you will see how lightweight a walk without a phone can be. Less scrolling. More living. Mindfulness.

eyes, eye, and brown image
Life is now

At the beginning of this practice, you might feel like you're missing out on something, maybe because you're used to scrolling through your insta or whi. But in real, you do not miss out on anything but your own impressions at this moment, that is just right here right now. You get to notice much more of the details. You don't see a bunch of things at once, but you get to know the depth (quality, not quantity) of the simplest but crucial things, that are beginning to kind of fall out of the frame. The frame we are living in, day by day, getting things done in our defined routine. Of course, we all do need that frame to feel safe, but from time to time we should try and learn to break it open and let mindfulness in, to find joy. It's as simple as that. So next time you go outside, don't just see, but notice, feel and percieve.
Mindfulness should be able to join us on our way, not only outside, but in our homes, our surroundings, as well as people - because everyone's got a mind, maybe a mind full of thoughts, which is the best premise to practise mindfulness and use it as an asset to your life.

My dears, thanks a lot if you have come this far, this is my second article here and I hope some of you find some motivation for a little practice of mindfulness because it can be so so stress relieving. It means so much to me and believe me, I only write about things that have a meaning in my life.
xoxo Melina
For some mindfulness-inspo take a look at my perfect moment: is now collection, but better get out and stop scrolling...
I wrote that because selfcare comes first my friends