Whenever I loose you,
I loose myself
Its so sick
Im scared

Not of you
But of myself
And the power I let you have over me

Im also scared of the day
You ever find how much I need you
Because im not sure
Your love for me is enough

I would like to have the guts
To walk up to you
And dare your pretty smile
To tell me the truth

To tell me the measure
Of the love or desire
That your heart feels for little me

Whether you are only using me
If you are only waiting for something better
If you just go along with the things we do
If you are scared of loving me

And I wouldn’t blame you
Because honestly I have no idea
How we even got this far

But my skin is too thin
And my heart too weak
I bruise easily and you don’t need someone like this
You deserve someone better,
You deserve the whole world

And im sorry,
My heart is too blue,
And yours is a blazing fire