Hey cuties!
I'm back with this new article and I'm gonna do the This or That TAG.
I got inspired by my babygurl @tomlinsonbabydoll

Here's the original article.
1. Day or Night?
aesthetic, dark, and city image girl, moon, and night image
Night, the best time of day: it's at night that you have the deepest thoughts.
2. Alaska or Hawaii?
Image by Miguel Del Giudice aesthetic, background, and beauty image
Hawaii. I don't think I have to explain the reason...
3. Piercing or Tattoos?
boy, piercing, and model image Mature image
I like both of them.
4. Witches or Wizards?
witch, cat, and Halloween image witch, Halloween, and autumn image
5. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
aesthetic, drink, and red image béyonce, celebrities, and celebrity image
I prefer Pepsi. Please don't hate me haha.
6. Sunset or Sunrise?
pink, trip, and love image aesthetic, sunflowers, and sunset image
Sunset because I think it's the time when you can think about what you did or learned throughout the day.
7. Swimming or Tanning?
summer, boat, and sea image beach, best friend, and fashion image
I like swimming but I prefer Tanning.

Thanks for reading it, I hope you like it!

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