Hello world!
One month left of summer vacations.
The school starts in one month.

Two different points of view. One happier than the other. I like to think that I still have one month to make memories before I return to school.

One month left to be with all my friends, go to the beach, do another escape room, have a date (or dates), go camping, bullet journaling, read in the garden under the sun listening to music… I have a lot to do. XD

Now I’m in my room relaxing, listening to music.

Before schools starts I need to deep clean my room. Get ready to my last year of high school, senior year (?). Already?! * mental breakdown *
How did I get here so fast?

A list of things I have to do

  • deep clean my bedroom
  • buy the school books and supplies
  • organize my bullet journal
  • do september’s bujo theme
  • finish reading the book
  • start reading the book for Portuguese class
  • clean my closet

In one month starts the last year of my mandatory education. Wow. Didn’t see that coming so fast. Looks like in one month the stress begins with all the work I’m going to have from school. Yey.

Enjoy this time. Make the last days last.

A list of FUN things to do

  • see a movie in theatres
  • go shopping
  • have a date with my boyfriend
  • do another escape room
  • go camping
  • go for a walk alone
  • have me time

Have fun! Don’t think about school (yet).

Bye world! See you next post.

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