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1. What are 4 upcoming seasons you're most excited for?

Image removed twd, gif, and the walking dead image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and alex karev image series, mindhunter, and show image
Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy and Mindhunter

2. A show you're sad about being canceled?

horror, serie, and fox image Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
The exorcist

3. Who are 4 of your all time favorite characters?

Temporarily removed angel, spn, and supernatural image the walking dead, twd, and daryl dixon image grey's anatomy, great, and christina yang image
Dean Winchester, Castiel, Daryl Dixon and Christina Yang

4. Favorite actor and actress?

norman reedus, smoking, and twd image the walking dead, daryl dixon, and norman reedus image Image removed Image removed
Norman Reedus and Katelyn Nacon

5. Top 4 favorite shows of all time?

Temporarily removed the walking dead, twd, and rick grimes image grey's anatomy and sandra oh image Image removed
Supernatural, The walking dead, Grey's anatomy and Dark angel

6. Who is your favorite tv dad?

hopper, stranger things, and eleven image aesthetics, cool, and friendship image
Jim Hopper from Stranger things

7. What are your favorite inspirational tv shows?

dean winchester, jared padalecki, and sam winchester image aesthetic, show, and tv image
Supernatural and Sense8

8. All time favorite ships?

supernatural, destiel, and dean winchester image Image removed gif, grey's anatomy, and jake borelli image phoebe tonkin, daniel gillies, and The Originals image
Destiel, Caryl, Schmico and Haylijah

9. What character reminds you most of yourself?

dean, gif, and supernatural image actor, beautiful, and dean winchester image dean winchester, Hot, and gif image supernatural, dean winchester, and Jensen Ackles image
Me and Dean Winchester are the same. Like... for real.

10. What are new shows you've discovered that you love?

aziraphale, crowley, and david tennant image Image removed tv show, netflix, and the society image tv series, tv show, and peyton list image
Good Omens, Euphoria, The society and Light as a feather

11. What are some weird shows that you love?

Image removed hugh dancy, gif, and hannibal image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Hemlock Grove, Hannibal, Penny Dreadful and Sleepy Hollow

12. If you could marry one character, who would it be?

Image removed norman reedus, daryl, and twd image gif, the walking dead, and norman reedus image the walking dead image
Daryl Dixon in a heartbeat

13. Favorite underrated shows?

Constantine, matt ryan, and DC image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It hemlock grove, bill skarsgård, and roman godfrey image
Constantine, The exorcist, Dark angel and Hemlock Grove

14. What are your "guilty pleasure" tv shows?

Image removed Image removed
Lucifer and Shameless

15. What tv show are you currently binging?

cemetery, curse, and game image light as a feather image
The last tv show I finished was "Light as a feather"