Hey guys I decided to make this article because I'm obsessed with doramas, even if I haven't watched a lot and I also wanted to let u know more animes that I watched since I made my "favorite animes" article.
Let's get started...

Do bong soon strong woman

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This was the first dorama that I watched.I really really love it, it's my favorite dorama.It has romance, comedy, mistery...it's just too good to be true.(And well the two main actors are gorgeous)

Suspicious partner

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This dorama is amazing.He was cold as ice but when he fell in love with her, he changed so much.The girl character is so relatable...

My secret romance

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One night stand can become a relationship for life?

What's wrong with secretary kim?

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Now I have some animes that I didn't put on my other article, hope u like it:

Snow white with red hair

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These two are so adorable. Zen is the boy that every grl deserves. Shirayuki is so determined and she never gave up on her dreams.

Itazura na kiss

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I just love this anime.

Dance with devils

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It's a little bit different from all the animes I've watched before but I liked it.A love triangle, who doesn't love it?

Mermaid melody

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I watched this anime when I was a little kid but I've never watched the second season so I watched this year and it's so good.It's a romantic (with some drama ) story between a mermaid and a human, and of course her mermaid friends.
To finish I just wanted to say that in my last article I didn't said this but I wrote about the anime Ao Haru ride(that is actually my favorite) and I forgot to mention that if u watched that anime or if u wanna watch u shouldn't stop there, there's a manga of that anime and it has the continuation of the history.I think it's super interesting if u read it because it explains a little bit more about Kou's past and I'm not gonna lie it has a kiss(or more than one) between Futaba and Kou.It's pretty worth it :)
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(sorry for my bad english)

Here's my article about animes: