hello, folks.

today's article is all about my favourite songs of this month.
the concept is simple, and if you're not familiar with how i do my playlist articles, i'll link you the last one i did:

and now, without any further ado, let's get to it.


wild love

quotes, soft, and white image food, aesthetic, and Cookies image

+ artist/s: Rea Garvey
+ genre/s: Alternative/Indie


music, cd, and tumblr image food, popcorn, and wallpaper image

+ artist/s: Dodie
+ genre/s: Pop


chocolate, food, and sweet image black, grunge, and shoes image

+ artist/s: Dodie
+ genre/s: Pop, Indie-Pop, Acoustic

not about angels

quotes and words image eye, green, and eyes image

+ artist/s: Birdy
+ genre/s: Pop

what ifs

coffee, drink, and tea image Image by clara

+ artist/s: Kane Brown
+ genre/s: Country


that's it for today.

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finally, i hope that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and i'll talk to you soon.

- rana.