SOO happy my article about starting over got such good response! Well a couple of days have gone by, and I'm actually doing quite good. I got into studying the corses I need to do to start university and I start to study on monday. I haven't gone to school in a year but I enjoy school so it's not a problem.

I also took up running again and even if my body aches it still feels good to clear my head. A great tip! Also I downloaded a "tinder for friends" app to find some new people in my city to hang out with. I really hope I find some fun people to hang out with because the people I do know here, is kind of fake and, well they suck. ;)

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But I can't say it's all perfect, I'm definitely feeling low right now and it's just ALOT going on in my head.

But I'm trying my best to think positive and do what makes me feel good. I'm as I said before creating a 2.0 version of myself, who I want to be, and that will take time.

Until next time, lots of love <3 xx