I saw a lot of these types of articles on WHI so I even made one. Hope you all enjoy.

Favorite boy group

exo and xiumin image Image by Killer Doll Image by AOAVTVN Image by ʟᴋɪm ᴇᴜɴwoo ᴄᴛ. 𓂃𓋪◌
Me: EXO Cousin: Astro

Favorite girl group

rose, blackpink, and kpop image black, bp, and girl image Image removed Image removed
Me: Blackpink Cousin: Twice

Favorite sub-unit

Image by Killer Doll Image by Killer Doll johnny, john seo, and johnny suh image mark, mark lee, and wayv image
Me: EXO- SC Cousin: NCT 127

Favorite male rapper

b.i and hanbin image beautiful, k-pop, and Ikon image stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image kpop, lee minho, and selca image
Me: B.I- IKON Cousin: Jisung- Straykids

Favorite female rapper

kpop and hyuna image 4minute, hyuna, and kim hyuna image Temporarily removed black, bp, and girl image
Me: Hyuna Cousin: Lisa

Favorite male vocalist

the rose and woosung image korean, dojoon, and the rose image Image by ʟᴋɪm ᴇᴜɴwoo ᴄᴛ. 𓂃𓋪◌ astro, eunwoo, and cha eunwoo image
Me: Woosung- The Rose Cousin: Cha Eunwoo- Astro

Favorite female vocalist

girls generation, snsd, and tiffany image Image by Loup psd, twice, and theme image girl, korean, and jihyo image
Me: Tiffany- Girls generation Cousin: Jihyo- Twice

Favorite dancer

Image removed Image by ≧◡≦ Temporarily removed got7, yugyeom, and kpop image
Me: Momo- Twice Cousin: Yugeom- Got7

Favorite male visual

v, bts, and taehyung image Image by meli astro, kpop, and eunwoo image korean, astro, and cha eunwoo image
Me: V-BTS Cousin: Eunwoo- Astro

Favorite female visual

blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image japanese, kpop, and bts image kim jisoo, black, and black&white image pink, blackpink, and kim jisoo image
Me and cousin:Jisoo- Blackpink

Favorite MV

boyfriend, lq, and nct image taeyong, lee taeyong, and nct 127 image Image removed rocky, park minhyuk, and astro image
Me: Regular- NCT Cousin: Always you- Astro

Bye sweeties!