sad alternative rock playlist.

"mood ash-grey."

โ€” playlist for a nights when you upset. don't think about anything or anyone, just close your eyes and breathe. sometimes you fuck up something and honestly, it's okay. shit happens. โ€”

1. sadeyes โ€” i deserve better
2. 9TAILS โ€” leaves
3. emptyvenom โ€” i love to pretend that you love me
4. finding hope โ€” 3:00 AM
5. kiasu x flowars โ€” so high
6. sadeyes โ€” jaded
7. sewerperson โ€” whole damn week
8. guccihighwaters โ€” changes
9. sadeyes โ€” i deserve better
10. penetrator boy โ€” alonderoad
11. QAWI KAMRI โ€” hold me close
12. sewerperson โ€” sorry
13. bear โ€” talk 2 me nice
14. fats'e youngburial โ€” in the morning
15. sadeyes โ€” don't text me
16. sewerperson โ€” n1ght

breakdown playlist:

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