A short guide how to lose weight

💫You have to create a deficit of kcal. This is the basis of the basics, and this can be limited only. The question is the required quality of the body. Do you want elasticity and tautness - add workouts, just want to thin, do not add. How to create a deficit of kcal? We calculate the basic metabolism : 447.6 + (9.2x weight, kg) + (3.1x height, cm) - (4.3 x age, years). Next, multiply the resulting figure by the activity coefficient: Sedentary lifestyle without physical activity X 1.2 Light load / sport 2-3 once a week X 1.375 Moderate load / sport 4-5 days a week X 1.55 Heavy load / sport 6-7 days a week X 1.725

💫To create a deficit, subtract 10-15% from the obtained number. We calculate the BJU: (1 g of protein 1.5-2 g per kg of weight Protein 4 kcal). Fats - 1.3-1.8g per kg of weight kcal). Next, we calculate the calories obtained from protein (the number of grams of protein (1 g fat% 3D 9 4), and the calories obtained 9) are multiplied by fats (their number is multiplied by Add up the 2 numbers obtained, and subtract the result from the calorie count deficit. The resulting number is divided by 4, we get our norm of carbohydrates for weight loss (1g of coal 3D 4kcal). What can I eat? Everything. There is no food that prevents weight loss. Inhibiting fat burning is only its excess. Everything is finished with nutrition.

💫The matter is left to the small workout. If you train, then only with your head and without fanaticism. Two to three workouts per week for 30-60 minutes will be enough. I prefer the gym, and at home. Be sure to calculate the rate of kcal taking into account training, if you decide to engage! That's all. Losing weight is a fairly easy process to organize, if you approach it wisely.

I hope that you found this article useful and sorry for my English 🙏