Happy Friday to our favorite people! Keep reading to see the 5 products our editors were obsessed with this week.

Sugar Baby

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Shop: Sun-Believable Self Tanning Mousse, $19.95

Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean you should have to say goodbye to that gorgeous sun kissed tan you’ve worked so hard for. Keep that golden glow year round with the Sun-Believable Self Tanning Mousse from Sugar Baby! This game changing product gives you the tan of your dreams in just about 2 hours. And, as if you needed any other reason to tap that “buy now” button, this magical product is made with organic coconut water leaving your skin hydrated, nourished and GLOWING.

The Dairy

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Shop: Personalized Phone Case, $55

We can’t get ENOUGH of The Dairy phone cases. We just customized our own (we opted for the initial design with a baby pink background- duh) and have gotten so many compliments since. We think you need one and we think your bestie needs one too. SO cute!

Chicks In The Office Podcast

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Listen: Chicks In The Office Podcast

Next time you need to tune out, tune in to the Chicks In the Office Podcast. The hosts, Ria and Fran, are two mega relatable 20-somethings living in NY. The episodes capture a conversation you’d commonly overhear in, you guessed it, your office. The shows description says it best: Just two chicks keeping you informed and up to date on the hard hitting pop culture news you didn’t know you needed.

Skin Gym

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Shop: Skin Gym Rose Quartz Eye Flowies, $45

You read that right- a gym for your face. Who knew?! These Skin Gym Rose Quartz Eye Flowies are essentially a pair of rose gold facial massage tools that are delicate enough to use on sensitive areas like your eyes. Incorporating these babies into your skincare routine will leave you feeling brighter, less-puffy and fresh. And, did you know rose quarts is a powerful healing crystal known for its properties for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra? Win-win.

Evian Face Mist

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Shop: Evian Face Mist, $13.50

Sooooo we know this might sound a bit obnoxious but hear us out. We’ve been bringing this Evian Face Mist to our beach days and it has quickly become a staple. Made with pure Evian water this hydrating spray helps to refresh the face with natural mineral water from the French Alps. Use it as a setting spray, to enhance your skincare routine or for a quick refresh after a long day in the sun. Your face will thank you!