It was a tuesday and school was out early.

I just had to sit through one and a half hours of a presentation about the importance of safe driving where I started to get dizzy at some point because the descriptions of car accidents were grossing me out.
"0.8 seconds, your blood vessels are exploding and your ribcage is getting squeezed together."
It was a sunny day, I had to squeeze my eyes as I walked out of the school building because the sun was so bright.

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I was leaving to get to the bus stop so I could drive home. As I walked around the corner to reach the bus stop I saw him, he was looking right at me as I was looking at him.

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He was tall, had brown hair and a hood over his head. A septum piercing was decorating his nose and he wore black pants, vans and a wide black backpack.
I walked past him to the place where my bus would stop later.
As I sneaked a look at him again he was looking as me as well. He was standing there with a group of his friends, laughing.

At that time I was almost done with school, it was in march. I had never seen him before at my school and I was sure about that because I sure would have noticed him. He reminded me of Even from the TV series skam.

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In the end he got in a bus right in front of my face and that was the last and only time I saw him.
Maybe I will never see him again, but I know he won't be the last stranger I will fall in love with.

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Have you ever fallen in love with a stranger too? Tell me about it.