Elizabeth Moss is an amazing actress, playing June Osborne in The Handmaid’s Tale. In the series, she’s forced to work as a Handmaid in the early years of the Republic of Gilead, a totalitarian, theocratic, and neo-puritanical regime that takes over most of the continental USA.

She is portraying a strong rebel, a strong woman, fighting for freedom (or at least (SPOILER) to send a bunch of children to Canada because Canada is still free and she wants them to be free.

However, Elisabeth Moss, is quite different, some would argue, for she is practicing Scientology, even though there have been many (many!) news and rumors about the Church of Scientology’s abusive practices. Many stories, many witnesses.

I understand, if she’s afraid to speak up. I just wish she would have the strength of the important character she is embodying. That is if she is really a feminist and a supporter of free speech, which she keeps on pointing out.

When questioned about this, she always finds a way to go around these topics. Such a shame that a woman who embodies such a strong feminist icon is not really like June Osborne. A woman who many people, because of the series, now look up to and who woke up the fierce feminist in us is a part of such a shady and cruel church, which has taken freedom from the ones who left it again and again.

I have nothing against her personally. I just had to speak up about this. It’s … too much.

But hey. Money is money. And Hollywood is Hollywood. I guess.