Hello dear friends, I'm here again for another article about my personal life even though it's really not the most interesting thing to read about. I promise I will soon write something else but if I have to be honest, I must admit that the past few months has been really hard for me.

Lately, I realized how much I've lost myself during the past years and I'm now struggling with the person I became.

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I've always been a people pleaser, caring about what others think of me and doing everything I can so people would like me. But, by dint of doing so, I've lost what made me myself and now I have no idea who I truly am.

My parents wanted me to be kind and quiet, so I've been kind and quiet. My friends needed someone to listen to them, so I've never talked. My girlfriend liked really affectionate people, so I've tried my best to show more tenderness than I had. They wanted me to agree to everything they said, so I did. They wanted me to share their point of view, so I did. They wanted me to like what they liked, so I did. And now I'm more them than I am myself.

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They want me outgoing, they want me calm, they want me religious, they want me angry at the world, they want me funny, they want me smiling, they want me honest but don't want to hear what I have to say, they want to be what they like but never what I am. And I am beyond tired of trying.

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But now, the real question is: who am I ?

Because I know I would like to be some of these things too. I know they're not always wrong and I would be happier if I were more honest for instance. But the problem is that I don't know what I'd really like to be anymore. I am lost and I don't understand any of my reactions, my thoughts, my words.

I probably only need time but damn, this situation scares me, like a lot.

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I don't really know how to end this article, but thank you for reading it and if you'd like to see the rest of my writings, go check it there:

Take care of yourself and people around you! x