hello!! today i'll be sharing my method on having a cute social media!
you can use this method for instagram, twitter, we heart it, pinterest, tumblr, blogs, and more !
you don't have to do all steps!
--- ➳♡゛
step 1 ⋆⑅˚₊
find cute symbols & emoticons for your bio and/or header name!
if you need an example, check out my instagram:
✧ www.instagram.com/sylviamiichelle ✧
or take a visit to my we heart it profile!
↬ here are some emoticons you can use, i got them from softie's listography (link at the end of this article), there are many more, but these are my favorites! ↓♡
ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚ / °ʚ(´꒳`)ɞ° / ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾ / ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ / ପ(⑅ˊᵕˋ⑅)ଓ / ୧꒰*´꒳`*꒱૭✧ / ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ
↬ here are some cute symbols, also from softie's listography! ↓♡
❂ ❖ ✿ ❀ ღ ಌ ๑ ʚĭɞ ઇઉ ♡ ྀ ↳ ↱ ⇢ ➯ ↝ ➸ ➹ ↬ ↫ → ➥ — ─ ー 〜 〰 ⁓ ∼ ೃ ✦ ✧ ∗ ❥ ҉
i'll add more links at the end of this article where you can find many more adorable symbols and emoticons! ✿ᵔદᵔ
↬ here are some sparkles too! (you don't have to use the entire thing, for example, use half of ✧・゚: ✧・゚: for ✧・゚: )
✧・゚: ✧・゚: / .・゜゜・/ ♥*♡∞:。.。 / ・゚゚・:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿
--- ➳♡゛
step 2 ⋆⑅˚₊
find some cute emoji combinations for your bio and/or header name!
if you wish to make your own emoji combination, make sure to use the same color emojis. it'll look neater and more satisfying on your social media's header name and/or bio!
you can google "emoji combinations", or use the ones from this wattpad i found for you guys!
--- ➳♡゛
step 3 ⋆⑅˚₊
use fonts for your instagram bio!
it's a tad bit difficult to find a good website for this, so here's the one i use:
you can put whatever is in your bio and/or header name through this and pick your favorite font! there's so many to choose from! ❥
--- ➳♡゛
step 4 ⋆⑅˚₊
pick your favorite symbols and emoticons you've found and put them in your bio and/or header name!
if you need an example, check out my instagram:
✧ www.instagram.com/sylviamiichelle ✧
another example for your header name:
✧・゚: * your name here 🌸
get creative on this step!
--- ➳♡゛
step 5 ⋆⑅˚₊
have a cute profile picture/icon/avatar!
you can google this part or search it here on we heart it.
google something you like, along with "icon"
or we heart it search something you like, along with "icon"
for example, if you like danganronpa, you'll google or search "danganronpa icon", or the name of your favorite character from it, along with "icon"
i have a lot of collections dedicated to icons for specific characters from the game, so if you like danganronpa, check out my we heart it page! ・゚゚・:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿
if you want it to be a picture of you or a real person, add a cute fliter!
i'll add filter apps for ios at the end of this article.
--- ➳♡゛
step 6 ⋆⑅˚₊
this is super simple, but it's optional!
all you have to do for this step is to make sure your feed on your social media is clean, fresh, and neat! this mostly applies to instagram users.
post pictures that have some of the same colors.
--- ➳♡゛
that's basically it!
hope you found this helpful! (∩˃o˂∩)♡
have an amazing day!! ੈ♡˳
here are the links & apps!
--- ➳♡゛
line camera, picsart, snow, etc
softie's listography: https://listography.com/softies
cute kaomoji (emoticons, symbols, sparkles, etc): https://cutekaomoji.com/
my instagram: www.instagram.com/sylviamiichelle
copypastecharacter (emoticons, symbols): https://www.copypastecharacter.com/all-characters
lingojam (fonts for your header name and/or bio): https://lingojam.com/InstagramFonts