Your words of praise are only there,
If my grades are good,
But if try to be myself,
I'm misunderstood.

Appearantly you are the one who will live,
My whole life for me,
So you might as well chose how to live,
Althought the one livng is me.

How do I feel? Who is my friend?
Who I can love and invite into my heart?
How to talk, how much to eat?
And how to dress,
Is not up to me.

" Without me, you are nothing",
You say it out load,
But I think the problem is,
You are desperate and afraid.

The grip on me,
Makes you feel safe,
Because not being like you
would be a mistake.

But I am not you and I'll never be,
And it will take time,
but I will be free.

One day, you will come,
and I'll close the door.
Without blaming, or tears,
I will just be done,