Hello Hearters :))

I'd like to share some info about Mesopotamia, I even discovered these info recently.
It's about the "The Double-decker Buses". which invade the streets of Baghdad since 1940. In addition, Mesopotamia was the first arabian country which uses these buses.
Anyway, I will talk about my first experience when I used this red bus. I remember when i was 9 years old (in 2001) my family take me to Iraqi Museum, so my father suggested to go by The Red Bus, I cant forget the beauty of the this bus, its chairs, its ladder and the gathering of people,and the collector.
then, these buses disappeared after The Fall of Baghdad in 2003
but in 2010, these buses were imported again to be used by people

baghdad, عًراقي, and بغدادي image

this picture above shows the double decker bus in Baghdads' streets, heading near Saddam's Tower (Now it called Baghdad Tower)

بغدادً image

and next to Baghdad Tower, there is Eagle Square

عّرًاقً, بغدادً, and برج صدام image
baghdad, bus, and car image
then the bus keeps going to reach ِAl.Harthiya city
بغدادً image
and Al-Zawra'a Park
الزوراء image

Sorry my info about this red bus very little, but I like to write about what I like to the people whom I like to share any single info with.

baghdad, bus, and city image
and here are some pic to the bus in different places in Baghdad 1- In Al. Karrada (I took it wwhen I was sitting on the fifth floor of Al.Israa University)
baghdad, city, and country image
2-In Ameria's Garage
baghdad, bus, and london bus image
3- On "Martyrs Bridge"
baghdad, london bus, and تحشيش عراقي image
baghdad, london bus, and ‏العراق‬ ‫ image

I think these buses give Baghdad british style